Shapeoko not jogging with windows laptop

I am trying to use a Windows 10 laptop to run Carbide Motion. It connnects to cutter, initializes just fine but will not jog or rapid position. Using an Intel based i5-6300 processor, 8G ram and Windows 10 Pro. Another laptop I have (that works fine with Motion) is an i7 Intel with 16Gram and Windows 10 Home.
Is the i5 vs i7 the problem or is there some setting I am missing?
Thanks, as always!

Also, Carbide Motion displays a ‘BUSY’ message when I try to jog or rapid position.

Have you sent the machine configuration?

Thanks, I did not have to do that with my previous laptop but I will give it a try!

The default movement in the jog is the minimum when you start CM. So make sure that the setting is moved up to fast. The machine may be moving but so slightly it looks like it is not.

As @WillAdams said send your configuration. When you send the configuration you re not really configuring the Shapeoko you are configuring Carbide Motion. If the wrong configuration is sent then jogging is limited. For instance you have an XXL but you send the standard config. When you try to jog when you get to the dimensions of a standard machine the jogging will stop. You can move back where you came from but not any further than t he dimensions of a standard machine. Additionally if you send the wrong config and you have a BitSetter that will not work as well. When CM is installed there is some default machine setting but I do not know what that is so it is best to send YOUR machine configuration to CM knows what it is connecting and dealing with.

Thank you for the help. I have everything running right again. I have a BitSetter but not currently using it. I’ll keep your notes in mind when I need to set that up. Thanks again.

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