Shapeoko Pro reviews

Im thinking about selling my shapeoko 3 Standard and getting the Shapeoko Pro standard.
What kind of feedback is anyone will to share.

I went big hoping to go big. Since you have a smaller unit, thinking bigger should be easy.

I used just a corner of my XXL Pro until recently. I am glad I went big. Working on some work-holding ideas for production. Why cut one at a time when you can cut multiples.

AND bigger pieces have equated into a few more dollars for custom designs.

Learning every day

Good luck

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i would love to go bigger but with the standard i can wheel it away on my cart into the basement and get my garage back. :smile: How about the quality, rigidity, issues, i know it is more ridged than my s3

If you are going to move it, I suggest a table with wheels that can be raised or lowered to set it flat on the ground. As far as I am concerned it is a ridged unit, BUT a precision tool does not want to be twisted about. I work with dimensions of .001-.004, it is important to me to keep it square and true.

The Pro adds:

  • hybrid T-track workholding — provides a built-in workholding system
  • 15mm wide belts
  • linear rails

Writeup on all this here:

That said, I still use my SO3XL quite a bit, even after getting a Pro XXL — getting the Pro makes the most sense if:

  • you haven’t updated the Z-axis — a Z-Plus or better still HDZ (which I have on my SO3XL) provides a lot of the rigidity improvement
  • you don’t have a workholding setup which you like
  • you are pushing the machine as hard as you can, and need for the machine to go faster and cut deeper w/ improved material removal rates
  • you’re cutting materials which are sensitive to surface finish and would be helped in this by the increased rigidity of the Pro

Note that the Pro will have more linear rails which will need to be kept lubricated:

i have the z plus now should i be lubricating it?


Yes you should be lubricating. You can order some Mobil Vactra #2 from various places. I got a quart from ebay and that is likely multiple lifetime supply. There is a maintenance guide that you can search for. Basically you remove your router, remove the Z axis and remove the screws on the bearing blocks and inject the Mobil Vactra #2 oil. The reason you need to remove the Z axis is two of the screws are on the bottom of the bearing blocks. DO NOT DISASSEMBLE your Z axis. You are only going to remove 4 screws to lubricate and the maintenance guide shows you where they are.

After you oil the bearings be careful because some of the oil will drain down the rails and can drip on your projects. For a few weeks after maintenance leave a paper towel under the Z axis to adsorb any dripping oil and before use wipe off the very bottom of the rails to keep excess oil from dripping on your project during cutting.

If you are inclined to tinker/upgrade then Just rail it!©®™ like @DanStory and @Vince.Fab did with theirs.

Otherwise get the Pro, optionally also an HDZ.

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