Shapeoko Pro ship date?

Exactly! I think anyone investing in the Pro is looking ahead to a proper spindle, too. If not already, they will be soon.


I’m in the “planning on a spindle and HDZ” camp for my Pro. :slight_smile:


Machines shipping out this week?

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This is the word from the wonderful ladies that answer the phone at Carbide. I called on Monday and was told that machines will be shipping out late this week. New to CNC and feel like a little kid waiting for my Pro to slide down the chimney and eat some cookies… Happy Holidays all!!!


I just got off the phone with Edward and it sounds like, barring a Fedex catastrophe, Pros should start shipping out today.

Based on preliminary numbers, it sounds like we should have everyone who’s past the 30 shipping window taken care of in the next week and then we’ll start shipping out the remainder ahead of schedule.


Hi Rob I cant wait to get my Pro! How is the schedule looking for the new Nomad? I ordered mine yesterday, when should I expect it to ship?

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On the Nomad, I think we’re still at the 30 days that we have on the product page. We’re working hard to reduce that and get machines out early though.


Thanks very much, beyond excited to try them out! I appreciate the update.


Thanks for the update @robgrz. We’re all w excited.


Thank you for the update. I know that being a proud business owner this has stressed you out possibly more than it has stressed us out waiting for the machine. Just wanted to say thank you for working through the challenges and making it a possibility for us to try out what I am hoping is an awesome piece of equipment. It has been an interesting 2020.


Off topic, but that is an excellent beard!


I just got an email stating my Pro has shipped via UPS!!! Swwweeeeettttttt!!!


No email here :frowning:

Thank you sir! It is where I store all my tools​:us::shushing_face:


I haven’t received a tracking email either, but I didn’t expect to ship first day in my case.

We ordered as soon as it opened; not sure why no email yet. Still showing as unfulfilled.

Any word on the additional external upgrade now that machines are shipping? :wink::slightly_smiling_face:


@scout706 What was your order #? Trying to see if they’re being honored in the time they were placed.

Quick update- it seems like we’re currently limited by the number of machines that UPS and FedEx will pick up in a day. They were going to send additional trucks over yesterday but that never happened.

We have a lot of machines queued up to go out, it’s just a matter of getting them on the trucks at this point.


And I guess that now I can share that Shapeoko Pro, and Shapeoko’s for the past few weeks, have been shipping with Sweepy 2.0.

  • Hose adapters included
  • Better airflow to keep up with the dust generated by the Pro.
  • Additional base without a brush if you want better visibility rather instead of a better seal with a brush.

I think we’ll have a new Sweepy 2.0 product page live on Monday. (It’s only going to be available for 65mm for now and it’ll be a little more money than the original Sweepy 65)