Shapeoko Pro ship date?

Hi! Any news on when our orders are going to ship? :slight_smile: I figured today might be the day since it’s Friday.

Please check in at — there was a problem with the box/packaging delivery.

For anyone else who is curious, here is the blog post that talks about this in detail:


I’m hoping today is the day for shipment :slight_smile:

I still have to clear out that side of the shop and decide on the size of workbench I need to build for it! 48x60 just for the machine itself, or go wild with a full sheet knowing the extra horizontal space will definitely get used?

I’m as eager to get my Pro as the next person, but oh boy I really need to get myself in gear so I’m ready for it when it does arrive!

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I was told last Friday that they would start shipping this week. Well today is Tuesday and with Thursday being Thanksgiving it’s not looking promising.
Plus… now everything gets tied up with the Black Friday shipping which slows everything down ×10!!

Right! That’s why I was hoping for a Thanksgiving eve-eve shipment so it would be in transit at least :smiley:

Maybe they will give everyone expedited shipping as a bonus?

Well, there was a bit of a problem with boxes. First, they’re made in CA, and the factory had to be shut down due to the fires a few weeks ago. The boxes did get finished and shipped out to Illinois, where they arrived, either Friday or yesterday.

Unfortunately a mistake was made and the foam for the boxes got shipped to our California shop instead of our Illinois shop. That foam should be picked up later this week and delivered to Illinois by next week.

The good news is that the machines themselves are largely ready and are being packed up as much as possible without the foam being there. Once everything arrives in Illinois, we’re hoping to ship a lot of machines quickly.

Out of everything that could delay the machine I don’t think we ever expected the boxes to be the problem.


This content creator and small business owner sure hopes Carbide 3D is going to make right with those of us who invested their hard earned money Day One (10/15/2020) on a Pro and include some nice additions to make up for mistakes that have translated into a delay of at least two weeks beyond what was advertised at time of sale. Just like what we would do for our own customers in the same situation…

Unforseen and uncontrollable (by C3D) issues like that suck. I’ve had that exact type of thing happen at a company I worked for. We had over a million dollars worth of automotive ECU programmers sitting on folding tables, ready to be packed. They were waiting for… you guessed it… custom boxes and foam. That stuff is specific and there is no effective way to eliminate a single source of failure.

I know no one wants them to ship more than C3D as they also likely have a HUGE monetary investment sitting around, with them not getting a return. That’s just the business side and I can imagine they’re disappointed as enthusiasts.


Is this going to inspire bringing more stuff in house (mostly joking)?


I used to work in packaging — unless you can run the machines at least two shifts per day (3 is preferable and many shops do 24/7) you’re not going to be able to justify the expense and staffing, and it’s hard to find and keep folks w/ experience in running and maintaining and above all setting up packaging machines — they also require a lot of space, so probably wouldn’t fit in the existing leases.


Will shipping be upgraded to 2 day FedEx instead of the default ground? :crossed_fingers:

Probably not. They’re going to ship in two boxes already because of the total weight so anything but ground is going to cost A LOT more.


Oh :frowning: Maybe a bag of Haribo will suffice? :crossed_fingers:

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For what it’s worth, we did make some upgrades to the internals of the machine in the down time and there is one additional external upgrade that we’ll share when it’s shipping.


May I plead with you to incorporate the HDZ upgrade asap? If you need a test subject I am happy to volunteer! I have a spare brand new HDZ all I need is a mounting plate! Also, are you shipping in order of purchase? (I finished my order 2 minutes after it became available lol was spamming the refresh button. If someone beat me to 1st order, they used a bot damnit!)
Feel free to wrap mine in bubble wrap and garbage bags, and ship it tomorrow, I’m fine with it or maybe I can drive from Florida to pick it up?
Just kidding, I think I can survive the wait… Happy Thanksgiving!


This is something we are looking at right now


That’s good, to me the HDZ would be a day one upgrade, not that the z-plus isn’t sufficient. But if it worth doing it’s worth over doing.


Same. With the increased rigidity of the Pro, I was eventually planning to switch to a spindle at some point after using the CCR to get started. Seems like the HDZ would definitely help with that endeavor.

Regardless, I’m just really excited to finally be joining the Carbide 3D family and to get my Pro all set up!