Shapeoko pro vs xcarve pro

Greetings all.

I couldn’t help but notice that inventables released the xcarve pro. I thought it would be similarly priced to the shapeoko but the smaller 4’ x 2’ one is $6,000 and that’s with the “41% preorder discount. This seems absolutely absurd. Not even a water cooled spindle. You got a 1500 W air cooled spindle which I’m sure would be very loud. They say the accuracy is down to 1000 of an inch repeatable but that’s not quite a huge deal and I think the shapeoko’s accuracy is great. The pro will be even better.

Is there something I’m missing about the capability of the xcarve pro or does it seem pretty overpriced?

This was discussed a bit in the Shapeoko pro announcement thread, near that post: