Shapeoko USB pendant using Joy 2 Key


I built myself a usb pendant using some hardware I got off Amazon. I have got it all configured and it works using Joy2Key. However, I am having difficulty in getting it to continually jog an axis in a smooth fashion when the button or joystick are held. I know Carbide Motion5 supports controllers, but it does not look like it will work with mine. Any advice would be appreciated.


I did a very, very similar thing recently ;

and I did not have to customize anything to support CM’s smooth jog functionality.

Which version of CM did you test it with ?

Maybe keyboard repeat rate is set too low at OS level ?

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I’m not that smart…can someone make me understand why go through this trouble (and there are dozens of various posts on this subject) when a wireless keyboard ($12) serves as your keyboard AND a remote pendant…and its WIRELESS???

pointless fun ?
(and, the ability to make a custom pendant with the minimal amount of keys/buttons required. But mostly, pointless fun)

In CM4 there was a “hidden API” that if reverse engineered could enable you to write say a python, or C# script to act as console. This would allow you to basically assign any button, or key, to a CM software command. That said it’s now gone in CM5 as the entire architecture of the software changed. There definitely was a couple good reasons for this as pointed out by the CM folks, but still no API as of yet…

I bring this up because an API would allow us to develop pendents at will, and since it would require a third party program it could remove liability and support from CM. Hopefully once CM5 is officially in the wild we can convince someone to start working on this.


My reasoning was two fold. 1. I already had the hardware, 2. To see if I could. The fun part was just added bonus.

I was testing it with CM5, and that maybe my problem.

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