Shapeoko Wont move on x-axis

I have a shapeoko 4 pro. During a job where I was pocketing a sign the machine started to make a strange cut north to south across the board. I paused machine and it started making a strange noise. I reset machine numerous times. It eventually led to a x limit error crashing carbide motion. I couldnt manually push router from left to right. I cleaned the rails as best I could. I need to further inspect wires but I can not jog machine along x-axis throuhg carbide motion. Any help or solutions. Being at work I need some ideas to focus on. Mentally tired cause I dont know what happened.

Please check the machine mechanically. Per the machine operating checklist: Machine Operating Checklist - Carbide 3D , the basic points of adjustment for a machine are:

and verify that all the wiring is in good condition and the connectors secure.

I appreciate the link. I am waiting for a reply from support. The intial problem was x limit error. Just concerned how machine can work fine and now the machine gantry wont move. Should i concentrate more on vwheels or any area

I would start by checking the basic mechanics.

Power off the machine and then (slowly) move the spindle forward / backward and left / right. If you do this too fast you’ll wake up the motors and it will get grabby and bumpy.

You should be able to move reasonably smoothly all the way front / back and left / right. Check that nothing is physically impeding the movement. If there’s an obstruction of some sort the motors can’t move the machine either.

If that works then you’re into “Is the pulley tight on the motor?” and “Are the motor connectors loose?” type questions.

Thanks. I plan on reinspecting entire x axis pulley motor belts wiring. Being at work doesnt help just anxious to get working on it.

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