Shapeoko4xxl disconnects

My cuts are stopping mid stream stating the machine has disconnected? Why is this happening.
It has done it on 2 different computers

Have you been using your machine for a while? Usually when this begins happening after a period of successful operation it’s due to the carbon brushes in the router wearing — try replacing them.

What sort of dust collection are you using?

How is it and your machine grounded?

For me, the disconnects happen more so in the winter when the relative humidity is lower. If I keep the RH above 40% and keep my dust collector hose grounded (I bought the hose with the steel coil in it, and ground one end of the coil) I don’t have issues.

We have not used but probably 6 times in a year.
It’s totally weird.
I have the dust collection adapter you sell and have it hooked up to a shop vac.

I have my shop set at 70 degrees.
We have only used the machine about 6 times in 1 year

This is what I did to solve my static issues.

Grounding your Shapeoko - CNC Machines / Shapeoko - Carbide 3D Community Site

Good Luck

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