Sharpie Pen Holder

I have a Shapeoko 4 Pro with Makita router and am looking for a simple design for a spring loaded Sharpie Pen Holder. Preferably something that would fit into the router 1/4 collet. Would appreciate any ideas.

I would probably buy an off the shelf sharpie holder and model up a quick/easy adapter to attach it.

Those diy plotter kits have some very smooth mechanical actions and the correct resistance for the felt tips.

A brilliant coincidence, I walked into work today to find an invitation on my desk written by a cnc.


I 3D printed this one, and it worked out great. Just have to adjust the depth of the sharpie so that the tip is just slightly behind the rotation point. My post of the only thing I have done with a sharpie. My “someday bucket” has a few things I’d like to do using my XXL as a plotter.

Here’s another.


I made a YouTube video on how to make a sharpie pen holder search for my YouTube site

Stephen k cox. And Sharpie marker

Thanks, I think i will pick up one of the Next Wave Drawing Tool Sharpie pen holders
What would be the setup in tool database?
Anyone have experience using this?

Man, you guys are fancy!!! :smiley: I just wrapped some tape around a sharpie & put it in the 1/2" collet.

Loren, I don’t think the tool type matters, since you will likely be just using contour / no offset paths.
I would probably put it in the etcher/scribe group just to organize it.
0 (or 1) RPM, whatever feedrates you want. None of the other parameters should matter.

Sounds good, but i would think when you select the sharpie tool for your job the maximum depth and depth per pass would be important.

I’m assuming you would set the cut depth to 0 (I use 0.0001", which rounds off to 0.000"), or a very small amount that wouldn’t use depth per pass. Unless you want to make multiple passes??

Wonder if you could just use a standard #102 1/8 inch end mill or #112 1/16 end mill as the tool path. Since its pretty close to the diameter of a Standard Fine Point Sharpie. Anyone comment on this? Looking for someone that has actually done this.

Come on be brave and make one where is the fun in buying one. I use the one made out of half-inch PVC pipe all the time it works great you can even put a little tape on the sharpie ultrafine markers to make it fit. I use 1/32 bits For my software planning. retract height is a half inch punch depth is half inch. You’ll need to play with your feed right. I’ve made all kinds of interesting things with it.

I would like try and get it to work with a pen and a pencil

Main thing is to have fun. So whatever works for you

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I’m to anal to just wing it. :frowning: I need to research the heck out of it before i give it a try. I found that shark recommends a depth of 0.01 and skip over of 0.015 so ill try that first.


Tried out my sharpie holder this am. Works pretty well.
This was a contour cut, haven’t tried pocket cut yet to see if stepover setting is correct
Just copied #112 1/16 end mill tool and adjusted the settings i wanted for the sharpie


Tool Path

Does anyone know if a system like the old Plotters has been built/modified for a CNC system? That really would be a cool adaptation for the ShapeOko!

I have wondered if the “Stingray” vinyl cutter, that Carbide sells, would accept a plotter ink pen. Particularly, the Fisher plotter pens.

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