Shop’s in Full Rock mode...except SO3 😡

Boy, the bathroom down-to-the-studs remodel is taking soooo long, haven’t been able to use my Shapeoko for weeks. The up-side is I’ve been able to use all the tools I’ve collected over the years on a single project :sunglasses:.


I am dying with envy right now.
This is me:


(picture a washing machine, dryer, food cabinet, etc… right next to it too)


Well, I guess we should all count our blessings, different as they may be.

I’d love to live where you do. So much history, so many beautiful, unique things to see. Easy access to many varied cultures/countries. Going north from my house I’d have to drive 2 days to get out of my state! (No interest going south).

Hmmm, how about a home swap for 6 months?


Shop looks good. I’ve collected a vast pile in 40years. It takes time and money. I’ve seen some great deals in past year for old,working iron. Keep your eyes open and save up a bit for each purchase

Nice Shop. I have an Incra Positioner (27inch) and I love it. Now I need to clean up my shop and take a picture. Some of my equipment is:
Powermatic 66 10 Inch TableSaw
SCM 16" Bandsaw with 1 inch Carbide blade
Hegner Scroll Saw
Dewalt 735 Planer
Craftsman 6" Stationary belt sander
Steel City 6" through drill press
Rockler Router Table with FX router lift
Offset Router Table with Incra and FX router lift
Delta 6" Jointer
Jet 16-32Plus Drum Sander
Nova 16-44 Wood Lathe with extension and swing away for extension
Jet 12-21 VS Wood Lathe
Lots of router bits
Lots of hand tools
Assembly bench 4x8
Lots of assorted other tools

It took me my entire life to collect all these.

When you buy tools buy the best you can afford. Every time I have bought a cheap tool I regretted it.

I have been considering getting an SCM combination planer/jointer 16" to replace the Dewalt Planer and the Delta 6" jointer.


Nice setup! Looks very functional with room to move around. How do you like the Wen air filter, do you find that it makes a significant difference? I’m guessing you just open up the garage door if you really needed to air things out; my shop is set up in my basement.

I’m going to have to search for a “show me your shop” thread. Always interesting to see other shops and workflows.


Does swapping houses come with full shop access for Julien?

Thanks for the kind words. I posted mostly because I rarely have all the big stuff out at once, thought my fellow tool junkies might be interested. I’m very fortunate to have a 3 car garage to spread out in. Once everything is in its place I can fit my short bed crew-cab truck inside.

It’s functional for sure. Most everything is on wheels for storage, workflow efficiency. The router table stores against the back wall, the band saw snuggles up to the water heater next to the 3D printer. The belt/spindle sander and dedicated vac sits in a corner. JET tablesaw and sliding miter saw stay in place but can be rolled out fo cleanup etc. Shop-vac-in-a-box, originally exclusively for the SO3, has evolved into a remote solution enabling use across the entire shop.

I also have several cabinets on wheels, all the same height as the table saw, that can function as in-feed/out-feed tables. Or, work surfaces either individually or ganged together in various configurations. When not needed they store under a garage length bench on the third car side.

I’ve given my jointer to my son-in-law, very rarely used it for the twenty years I had it. Found that Forrest saw blades give glue-ready surfaces very consistently. My table router performs the function if needed, mostly for smaller parts.

4” hose dust collector slots in between the tablesaw extension and chop saw station. Variable lengths of vac hose on the larger tools plus a longer section on the extractor itself enable quick connections as I switch tools. A stationary system would be nice, just not practical when you’re moving tools all around.

The Wen is good, I have it on most of the time I’m in the shop. Door open or closed. I have no way of measuring but judging by the amount of dust it collects it’s doing it’s job. The painful (expensive) Festool HEPA vac/sander upgrade a year or so ago has gone a long way towards reducing fine dust in the shop. I’ve also come to appreciate the quick change sand paper enabling sanding from 80 to 220 grit and reusing each piece until it’s worn out. Previous workflow was two orbital sanders with different grits and frequent paper changes.

Here’s the other third. What a mess!


Well, of course!..

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As long as I get access to the stone BBQ in your backyard I’m good :slight_smile:

You, on the other end will feel like you moved into a “tiny house”. By Texas standards I live in a broom closet :slight_smile:

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I love your setup! Thank you for sharing! I really dig your miter saw station. Anything you can share on that? Did you use a commonly available plan (I have seen quite a few floating around) or did you “wing it” and size it to your needs and space availability? Does it help with the dust?

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Great setup @Griff ! Inspiration for me as I’m just starting to have a shop built around the shapeoko :grinning:. The only other big tool I have is a table saw!

Typical newbie question be is/are there a most-used/invaluable tool(s) of that great setup? (miter, drum sander, oscillating sander, bandsaw, etc.) I’m looking to add another big tool, but I want it justified by the various projects it can support (and complement the Shapeoko of course :+1:). I love the modular setup by the way, very inspiring and appealing!


Cool. I based it on this design:

Books.pdf (1.2 MB)

Dust hood is marginal at best. I still mask up when cutting MDF on the miter saw or tablesaw.

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To compliment the Shapeoko in addition to your tablesaw, a dust control system first. Then I guess, a chop saw or, ideally, a sliding compound miter saw. You can also cut aluminum and brass with it if you invest in the right blade I’ve cut 3” bar stock on mine.

Then I suppose what I use most on CNC projects is a random motion sander, love my Festool setup, its more then what most want to spend but I look at as a lifetime tool so not so expensive really.


Thanks for the points! Right now I have a cheap Ridgic vac with a cyclone for dust collection, but have my eyes on investing in a more suitable setup. For now it’s enough for the CNC at least. A good sander is definitely helpful I’d imagine. I’ll keep an eye out for a good deal on a miter saw then, too.

Thanks a bunch,

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Wow! Three bays… that other third is awesome. Having everything mobile probably makes it pretty convenient to adapt work flow to different projects. I’ll have to circle back around to the Festool HEPA dust vac - it sounds like everyone who has one loves it.

Hey @Griff,
Before @dakyleman beats me to it, how about a house swap with no passport required? Central Ohio has plenty of history. I’ve been to Paris, you can’t get a hamburger topped with bratwurst there. Must get boring having nice weather all the time? I was wearing a winter hat yesterday, and it was sunny and 80 today.
My “workshop” it’s decorated with brightly colored plastic objects that are designed to take up space and be impossible to store. You don’t need an outfeed table when you have Cozy Coupe with nice big wheels.


Neil, you and the family are welcome to visit anytime. A couple of my grandkids and their dad in the hot tub now, always happy to meet new friends.

Oh crap, took a picture of my foot. Doh!


@Griff if house swapping is going on I have one question for you! How do you feel about cloudy 50-65 degree days with lots of rain? I know it sounds too good to be true, but it could be yours for a couple of weeks… Might be a nice change in pace from all that sun… And it come with a Shapeoko XL, and a flock of 3D printers! Western NY is calling your name.

Hmmmmm, get back to me in September.

Upstate? I was born in Buffalo.

Wait, I see western NY…interesting…