Shop Safety- Decibel Alert Monitoring?

Hi all I’m pretty well familiar with the various methods of remotely shutting down your machine, but where I’m a little less familiar is with how to monitor it audibly without having the constant hum of it working in you ear.

If your familiar with cars… I’m looking for something like a wireless chassis ears solution…

Basically, if the decibel range goes above or below “ambient” it sends an alert to your phone to cue you to listen in. Im guessing that some baby monitors (sorry don’t have kids) have this function but I’m doubting the ambient range would work in a CNC room…

Even more Basically, how do you listen in without always listening in?

Put it in an enclosure and you can hear it without worrying about hearing loss. My Nomad is quieter than a printer when its enclosure it closed and I’ve seen some nice Shapeoko enclosures too, though of course they’re bigger.

We were discussing using sound to figure out when something is wrong in this thread too, by analyzing the spectrum rather than just looking at amplitude.

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That would be anything but basic.

Even with hearing protection (I use ISOtunes), you can still hear machines operating. I can tell when suction changes if the dust shoe port gets clogged with poplar strings. I can tell when the current toolpath set is done, and the router is stationary.

Noise is the result of function. :smiley:

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