Sign - Upcycle Chair

Neighbor was scraping some hardwood chairs because of loose/broken legs, arm rest, etc… so I had to rescue them and decided to make a sign with 1 of them.

Finished sign

Step 1 - Break down chair to rough stock

Step 2 - Flatten top and bottom

Step 3 - Machine center pocket and outer contour

Step 4 - Apply vinyl, now I was seriously considering leaving it with the vinyl backing, looked really nice but a small trimming of the transfer paper somehow got stuck to the back and created a bump in a small area. Because of this I proceeded with using torch paste and then used a heat gun to burn in the graphics

Step 5 - Apply clear coat

(Edit: you may have noticed the “EST 1964” in the vinyl and only part of the “64” burned into the final sign. Daughter added a few years on me and thought is was funny and I had forgotten to tape it before applying the torch paste so some got onto part of the sign… I was going to sand it off but thought is looked ok, the joke is still visible but not making me older either… LOL After this project I can certainly see the appeal of a laser add-on for the Shapeoko… :slight_smile:)


Great job.

I have rescued “stuff” from Habitat for humanity many times. They are starting to realize the value of some of that stuff.

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No doubt, these chairs were solid maple and the final sign ended up being 1" thick. Around where I live the city has a few special garbage collections throughout the year so when it’s the ones for putting out furniture out at the curbside it’s a perfect opportunity to drive around and find some free treasures for the taking. It’s amazing what people put out at the curb… one’s man’s garbage is another one’s treasure :slight_smile:

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Be careful. 20 years of “I may use that some day” ended up with 2000 lbs of “stuff” to the dump. At least with wood it makes firewood.


I can’t believe I had never heard of this amazing-ness… Order is on the way, no idea what to use it for, but I’m sure I’ll find something!


Absolutely great, love it. Would you mind sharing the graphic as an svg file ?



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My daughter created the vinyl stencil on her Cricut machine and got the graphic off “Cricut Design Space” during her 1 month free trial membership. It’s a licensed graphic available through their subscription and I don’t think there’s an obvious way to export it anyways. That said I don’t have a download of it.

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