Six ways to round a corner

There are five ways to round a corner in Carbide Create:

  1. Set the corner type to fillet for a Rectangle:

  1. Round the corner using the Corner tool:

  1. Boolean Operations

  1. Node editing by adding in an arc from a circle

Delete what isn’t needed

Node edit the rectangle to open it and put the open points at the ends of the arc:

Delete what isn’t needed:

Select the edited arc and rectangle:

Join Vectors

  1. Directly node edit the rectangle:

Adjust off-curve nodes to achieve desired radius:

Draw in a circle on a template layer:

Drag off-curve nodes to achieve desired shape:

Increase grid fineness if need be:

  1. Inset, then offset:


@WillAdams Very cool study! Some of those methods would make Rube Goldberg proud, but it’s still fascinating to see so many ways to skin a cat. The “new” corner tool really is a nice implementation that simplifies the process of rounding one corner while giving you full control - and the inset/outset method that you introduced a while back is a go-to for me when I want to round all the corners.

Thanks for doing this work!


Like you that inside/outside method was an eye opener when Will shared it.

Good tutorial and the various options now available.


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