Slipping Precision Collets for Carbide Compact Router

I purchased these when I bought my 3XXL. Twice already has the 1/4" collet let the 201 bit slide down and wreak my project and the waste board. I have checked and double checked the tightness of the collet. It could not have been tighter without breaking something. Is anyone else having this issue?
My stock collect holds the bit with only the sleeve on the bit, but the precision one falls right off and I can feel looseness 6.4mm precision and 6.35mm stock.
If I pinch the precision collect on the bit I can still twist it, I cannot on the stock one.
Hope that describes my issue. Did I get a bad set?

Are you tightening using a pair of wrenches?

If not, please try thus — you’ll need a narrow/thin one for the smaller/top flat on the shaft, but can use a normal wrench on the nut itself.

I received my replacement collect and it is functioning perfectly. Tossed the other one. Thanks again for your help.


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