Small coffee sign took over an hour

I created this cut in carbide create which has worked pretty well for me since purchasing my shapeoko …but man this sign isn’t big at all and it still took over an hour to cut . If anyone has some wisdom on this downside to using cut program? I’m not keen on all the feeds and speeds so I’m just putting that out there .

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If you are using Carbides suggested speed/feed, they are conservative.

I have been pushing mine or accept the s/f. Pushing like I do causes issues for me. Broke two bits last night, Knots !@#$. I am relatively new to production. Always want to go faster. I will learn what works for me as you will.

Your piece looks great! You will get it.

Do some searches here for s/f, lots of info.

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Extensive discussion at:



I let CC set the F&S but I usually increase about 50% on the CM interface. If you start seeing or hearing bad noises then you can reset to default or just decrease the feed rate at 10% increments.

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Post the material used, bit diameter, feed rate and depth of cut. Lots of good advice available here. In some circumstances you can double or triple the depth of cut and/or feed rate and turn one hour into 15-20 minutes.


If pocketing around the letters was not necessary and your wood was smooth on top, you might speed things dramatically by first painting it all black. After it dries, mask it with oramask. Contour carve the entire thing with a 60 degree v bit about 0.020 deep, no offset. Unmask the area you want white. Spray bomb white. Wait about 15 minutes for the paint to just pass the tacky stage and unmask it all. Pretty much done at that point. Speeds and feeds, I dont keep good track but 24K rpm and 100 ipm is my guess. This is how I make a decent painted sign quick, not how to make a decent carved sign which is painted. A completely different outcome but an option.

For me, pocketing around letters adds a lot of time due to bit size, step over and depth of cut limitations necessary to get a decent result.