SO3: Are things on track for the XL and XXL shipments to begin?

Hi Craig!

Your machine went out today :slight_smile:

The sheet metal parts (and PEM) for your S3 were made by a different vendor than we’re using now. In fact, we ditched the old vendor about 1 batch into shipping the machine last year - his quality wasn’t up to our standard, and a lot of the PEM nuts he delivered had to be repressed here in our shop.

We’ve never had a problem with the PEMs from our new vendor.

The other thing is that because the parts are pre-assembled - the PEMs will be shipped in tension (with locktite) so the chances of something coming loose are pretty slim. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you’re getting.


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Looks like February 26th.

Are the upgrade ships after the full machine? I ordered mine Feb 24 and have yet to received an email.

Just anxiously waiting!! :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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The machines are shipping out FIFO style (first in, first out) - however. If we get to a point where we can’t ship one variant, we’ll just move on to the next and continue shipping until we can restock the part(s) that are missing.

Right now we’re only shipping full XXL kits, simply because the wasteboards for the XL size kits just showed up today.

Next week we’ll begin shipping the XL full kits as well as the upgrades.


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Thanks for the update. I can’t wait for it to arrive. Waiting patiently…

Is the Z axis assembly coming out as a standalone for everyone else? I could certainly use some Z stiffening.

I think they are going to send them out once they build up a stock of them after fulfilling current orders?!

@edwardrford I’m curious what the extra PEM holes on the new z axis plate are for? (The ones on the far left and right of the plate)

Trying to remain patient as well…

Trying to remain patient as well…

Patience may be a virtue… but after a long time… AAARRRGGG!!! :joy:


I view it like this: I may not be the first one to receive the new kit, but I’m also not the one working thru the issues.

The IoT world we live in has us used to instant gratification and next day delivery of goods. Remember mail order ?

They still have that, its what US Postal Service calls “if it fits it ships” now.

you mentioned that “only shipping full xxl kits”, is there any timeline on when the XXL upgrades will ship?

I’ve never received a CNC machine that took less than 8 weeks to fabricate and ship. Once of them nearly fell of a truck and crushed me (I had words with the trucker about proper safety procedures. Moving a thousands bounds around is not delivering a book or gadget).

I don’t mind waiting… but I do appreciate knowing when something will ship/arrive!


I think he means “mail order” more along the lines of: tear the order form out of the catalog, fill in the quantities and item numbers, and prices. Calculate your total. Write a check or write down your charge card info. Find an envelope. Lick a stamp. Mail. Wait 2-6 weeks and hope nothing got lost, botched, or what have you along the way. No tracking numbers. No instant order support.

Certainly don’t miss those days…though I have some nostalgia for flipping through catalogs and dreaming…“what if…”



I still flip through machine tool catalogs…


Flipping through a tooling catalog can be pretty educational…I always find things I didn’t even know existed.

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Flipping through a tooling catalog can be pretty educational…I always find things I didn’t even know existed.


Using Web search to look around doesn’t quite do things justice. I always ask for the tool vendors printed catalogs.


Exactly. If you needed to talk to the company you were ordering from, you had to pull out the phone book to see what time zone they were in. If you wrote a check, you’d have to wait for it to clear before they started filling your order, hoping there were not any issues, no back-orders, or damaged goods. No tracking, no email, if you were lucky and nothing went wrong, you would end up with a package with everything you ordered sometime in the distant future. Usually if anything was wrong with the order you would have to send it back with a note before it would be addressed and corrected.

Given that units will be hitting doorsteps as early as tomorrow (if not today -Monday- in some cases), is the new documentation you referred to at some point now available for consumption somewhere? Obviously, due to some design changes and due to pre-assembly, the finishing assembly, calibration, and optimization steps could be reasonably different from the original SO3 manual. Also, it would be great to know if the GRBL firmware and the default settings have been pre-burned specifically for the XL or XXL configurations and capabilities. If the settings are stock SO3, a table of deltas for the XL and XXL configurations would be a great short-term alternative.


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Because you know it happens…