SO3: Are things on track for the XL and XXL shipments to begin?

I agree that communication WOULD make the waiting MUCH easier. I can not even get an acknowledgement that I have a machine on order. I am trying not to be a grumpy old man, but I find that when my proverbial biscuits are in a vice, I tend to try to transfer some of that pressure to the source of the problem. Is that wrong? As of the timing of my order, i think that when all the information is available that a unit will ship on a certain date, it might be close to said date. I ordered mine a solid week before said shipping date( We are currently two weeks past the expected shipment date), and the company I shipped a butt load of money to will barely communicate. I don’t think that these froum things should really be used for bitching. But I find that the only means of communicating. If that makes me a bad person then I will stop posting all together

@rwizard, well stated.

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Yes, in fact, I can say that I didn’t know this. Chalk it up to me being an uninformed consumer, I suppose, but when I saw estimated ship date of “March 31st” and a nearly $1700 price tag, I assumed there’s some legitimacy to that.

I’d prefer to refrain from name-calling and self-righteousness. I bought a product and expect follow through, or at least a solid order status communication strategy that goes beyond forum posts. Much like Jeff, I’ve had little to no luck outside of this forum for communicating with them. So I took an opportunity to offer a means to get my expensive purchase out the door. I didn’t suggest that Edward skimp on attention to detail.

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Thank you Chris! At least I have found some comfort in the fact that I am not the only one getting twitchy. Anyone know another means of getting an order confirmation at least?

I had to call them to get someone to tell me that my order had been received. Took me a few tries to get someone to answer, even during normal business hours.


Did you get an email something like this when you placed your order?

subj: order #9999

Thank you for placing your order with Carbide 3D!

This email is to confirm your recent order.

Date 02/29/2016

Shipping address

Order Details

If not, and if it didn’t get caught in your spam filters, that would be a reasonable concern. Did it show up on your credit card statement?

If email seems to have taken a back seat to shipping, why not simply create a thread, summarizing the facts and see if they respond to that? It will certainly be more noticeable than a comment here.


I was not replying to you. Prior to reading your post I had a similar fleeting thought myself, but concluded it was not worth the hassle for them or me.

In point of fact, I took some care to not reply to anyone specifically, merely to something I was sensing in several posts over a period of time. Sorry you saw yourself in what I said. As for the “short attention” remark, it was meant playfully, but I guess came across otherwise. Apologies.

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Appreciate you taking the time to clarify. The Internet can be a stupid place sometimes, and things definitely get lost in translation through text-only conversations. Apologies on my part as well for assuming you were referring to me.

I freely admit to being an incurably grumpy old man :smiling_imp:, but at least I mean well, and I’m mostly harmless. :slight_smile:

Got mine today, Edward. You may want to work with your packaging QA process. There wasn’t a packing list, no instructions, missing cable extensions, some hardware that I’m not sure where it goes and I don’t see any hardware to mount the cable tracks.

The hardware that I did get looks impressive and went together easily.

The carriages were not adjusted properly. One is too tight and the other two are too loose. No big deal to adjust but the assembly process could use some work. One thing I noticed is that the carriages felt tighter on one rail than another. Apparently there’s noticeable tolerance variations between extrusions. It may help to match mark each rail with the carriage that was assembled on it so no further adjustment will be necessary.

Overall I’m pleased with the hardware quality. Not so much with the packaging but hopefully you guys get those issues worked out early.

I appreciate your updates. I’m sure you hold your breath after posting each one. Growing pains I suppose. Keep pressing on. It will get better as you guys get more experience under your belt. This machine is a great improvement over previous designs. I love how much it’s been simplified. I know simplifying a design is much harder than most people realize.

I am new to this site and was not trying to make waves. I am not very computer savvy either. I do not have an e-mail saying thank you for your order… great!!! did I just send $1700 bux to the taliban? isis?

I doubt it. I had also asked you if it showed up on your credit card. If you haven’t been charged for it, then I’m guessing that you had an issue placing the order. This can be as simple as overlooking a final confirmation step. Even those of us who are computer savvy are capable of such an error in a moment of distraction or fatigue.

If you didn’t get the routine automated order confirmation I see two likely explanations. One, they sent it, but it got eaten along the way, or two, we return to the topic of your order not completing. Have you checked your spam and trash folders? Also, some service providers have a nasty habit of not playing well with smaller domains, so if you are Yahoo-ing or something that could be a factor.

In any case, I don’t think your order went to the Taliban, so lets set that worry aside for the moment.

If you can’t find a confirmation email anywhere, and you have been charged for the machine, I can see where you would want to verify that all is well. If you have no email, and no charges, it is a pretty good bet that you are going to have to try your order again.

I’d suggest that you create a thread under support titled something like, “Urgent Request: credit card charged, confirmation email never received” or, if you haven’t been charged, “Lost/Failed order, need assistance”. Or just “Carbide, Ed Ford, Somebody, Help!!!” Something like that anyway.

Then give them a summary of events to date. I’m sure they can get you sorted out.

Clearly they are busy right now. Apparently email reading/replying is getting short shrift. But we have been getting reasonably good attention here on the forums. I would guess that either you are already in the queue with the rest of us, or your order entry failed. (I actually had a slight problem with order entry myself on the 29th of February, but it cleared up pretty quickly.)

If your order entry failed, then I think worst case you are going to have to place an order, putting you at the beginning of the queue, which is currently (theoretically - ahem.) a 3 week wait. And frankly, a little waiting for the kinks to get ironed out is not a bad thing. I hope they will at least go buy a roll of paper towels and start wiping things down before they ship them (yuck guys!).

You can of course try calling them on the phone. I’ve done that in the past, but I don’t know if that will work right now. I probably wouldn’t suggest trying to get their attention in this particular thread, as it would be easy for you to get overlooked here.

Good luck.


what is yahoo-ing? I have a yahoo email is that a problem? sorry I suck at this computer stuff. I found my confirmation e-mail finally. and I received another e-mail recently from the team.

Basically, some mail systems and ISP’s have less tolerance for addresses with yahoo, hotmail, and other sort of free email service domains for the simple fact that spammers and bots can easily generate thousands of dummy accounts and utilize these for their nefarious purposes. So, if those types of accounts are not specifically “whitelisted” (i.e. added to a safe-sender list), the emails will get marked as spam. Again, this depends on how each email system in a particular end-to-end transaction is configured.

However, it just sounds like there were delays in either the processing of your transaction payment and/or delays in Carbide 3D’s automated systems that send those response emails. You will likely receive an email a day for the next several days talking about your “new Shapeoko 3 that’s coming soon” with links to docs, tutorials, and whatnot. Even if you’ve ordered an XL or XXL or related upgrade, you still get the emails as if you ordered the original Shapeoko 3 kit.

Craig has given you a good explanation of my lighthearted neologism. I would only add that not only do some providers look askance at freemail providers such as Yahoo, but it also cuts the other way. Freemail providers sometimes tend to cut with a blunt blade when it comes to blocking incoming spam. I run my own domains, and find that I frequently have problems corresponding with a friend who uses Yahoo. If you find yourself losing a lot of email, you might try one of the other providers like Google’s Gmail.

If you are still finding your way with the wonderful world of computers, you may have a little trouble at first getting your SO3 doing what you want. These sorts of things are rarely as simple as plugging them in and spitting out parts. Don’t worry about it though, the maker community is generally a very helpful group.

(Edit: deleted stuff that shows I can’t read at 6:30 in the morning :confused: )

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Hey Edward,

Things still on track to get all of the XL machines out this week?

And since it seems to have been totally missed. Can you please pack the 2.3 boards with the upgrades.

Sorry guys I missed this thread on Friday, keeping an eye on the unboxing threads, I just plain overlooked it.

As I’m sure you’ve concluded, no. The XLs did not ship on Friday, They will be shipping on Monday. Guaranteed.We are also on track to have all of the XXL machines shipped by the end of the week.



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I just got my tracking number, so I guess it will be on it’s way. Can hardly wait!

Any forecast for when the XXL & XL Upgrade packages will ship?