So3 stops working

Ran two jobs back to back: 1st job a little over 7 hours and the test file came out as excepted. 2nd job little over 2 hours and test file as expected. A day later and every day since with different file sizes my S03 stops working randomly during to job.

The router is spinning in the place the job stopped, the same laptop used several times before, with GUI open, green button displayed to connect, and the control board has a blue light. I hit the green connect button, get promoted with yellow initialize machine and everything works as normal.

Start a job and within a few hours the job stops. I opened the log window box as copied the logs from one of the sad events and don’t k ow if that will provide why this occurs.

Not aware of any W10 updates and no changes to power or display settings.

Any thoughts? Preformatted text

Is the humidity low at the moment?

Are you using dust extraction?


The humidity was lower than usual this past weekend in FL and I was in the middle of upgrading my dust extraction to a smaller spindle size, however, in the interim, I had the vacuum hose zipped to the HDZ and spindle.

So it’s possibly static buildup from the dust extraction causing the issue. Do you have anti-static hoses in the extractor? Are they grounded?

The other likely suspect given that it worked OK before is the brushes in your router might be wearing and causing some more noise, you could try sending the router power cable out overhead with the extraction hose instead.


:open_mouth: - I don’t not have a Static-free hose and I’ll re-route my power cord as well. MTF

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Hope that works, in Florida the humidity should normally be high enough to control the static, or it was every time I visited anyway :wink:

If you keep having trouble this might help;


Our humidity dropped a small amount. Not enough to be comfortable in the 90 deg heat. What part of Fl are you in. SW for me on the Gulf coast

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Tampa, FL and it was humid today.

I live in East Texas with high humidity and used to live in Houston about 50 miles from the coast. Static can happen with 80% RH. The moving of air causes static to build up and discharge and the discharge disrupts the controller usb interface. Ground of the vac hose is necessary from right on the ocean all the way to the Dessert and/or frozen climates. If you are getting stoppages and the CM wants to connect it is about 90 % chance it is static even in humid climates.

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