SO3: XXL Mega-Enclosure and Dust Collection

(Tony) #202

I just used a router and a board clamped down as an edge guide.


(Tony) #203

Sorry for the late reply. I don’t remember getting a notification about these posts…

You can use any caulk but this is the acoustic caulk I used… Franklin International 2892 Sound Sealant, 28-Ounce, Green

Just make a test rabbet joint a a scrap piece of acrylic to test the perfect depth. I think 1/16" extra for the caulk will probably get you very close.

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(Dunand) #204

To begin, thank you for sharing!
Sorry for my bad english, but I’m french…
Your workspace has given me a lot of ideas …
I started doing my workspace for my future Shapeoko 3 XXL.
To have room in my garage, I had to remove an old cabinet … And rather than throw it, I decided to use the wood to make my workspace …
Here is where I am:

And the plan:


(Tony Barnhill) #205

What’s the minimum inside depth for the enclosure to be closed, and being able to reach the entire cutting area with the router? Is 48" enough? Thanks.


(Tony) #206

45" is the minimum inside dimension. You will need more if your dust shoe hose sticks out past the front of the router mount.