SO3 XXL: Share your Workspaces!

The X-Carve guys have a post dedicated to showing off workspaces built for their large machines. Our turn. :slight_smile:

I have been working on a folding table while I wait for my machine to ship. It’s loosely based on one of the X-Carve folding tables I saw, but with a torsion box.

Then I decided I’d want an enclosure to reduce the noise. As far as i know, this is the first folding enclosure out there. :slight_smile:

Just needs some handles to make it easier to lift. I’ll be putting a camera inside, so no need for windows. Oh yeah, and I need an XXL to put in it.

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You’ll want to install some type of locking system for the X gantry and Z carriage on your flip enclosure so your gantry and spindle don’t crash into the door when you stow your setup. There is no braking system on the y axis when powered down.

Still working through what I want to build to house mine. Curious how do you plan to attach it to the table so it doesn’t move when you tilt the table. It is quite heavy and if you use the 4 feet holes for bolts I’m not sure it will be enough.

Yep, good point. One I get it I will be drilling threaded insert holes and will be building a support bracket that threads into these holes.

Yeah, still thinking through this, though I know it’s possible. The X-Carve folks have been doing it for quite some time (yes, I know it’s not the same).

Maybe @edwardrford and team have some ideas for the best way to mount the XXL to the table?

Are we talking about how to mount the machine to the table that it is sitting on?

If so - I have not tried this yet, but one thing I have been thinking about - is using isolation mounts, like these. Having used these sorts of mounts in previous applications, I know they do a very good job of decoupling vibration.

The machine has 4x M8 PEM nuts in each corner where the feet are intended to be attached. You could simply transfer that pattern to the table, forgo the feet and install these instead. Net/net I think the total height of the machine would remain roughly the same, as the isolation mounts are only about 1" tall.

Again, I haven’t tried this, so YMMV.


EDIT: Scratch that idea - I see now I misunderstood the question. You’re asking how to hold it to the table that is going to tilt the machine into the vertical position when not in use! I’ll have to give that some more thought, but I dont see why the using 4x M8 bolts (through the table into the machine) wouldn’t work.

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My concern versus the X-Carve was weight. The Shaoeoko 3 is heavier which is nice because all that goes into rigidity across the longer lengths. But with only four points of contact and the momentum of swinging the table I wonder about the shear point of the bolts. I haven’t looked to see what you can get in that size.

I’d also be curious about the shear strength limitations for M8 bolts.

I’m also more than happy to drill extra holes along the frame, but I’d need to get the machine to see how well that would work.

At some point, there will be an upgrade size which will require side supports.

I’d be surprised if the existing bolts won’t hold — the machine isn’t that heavy.

Meaning XXXXL? :slight_smile:

I plan to order the SO3 XXL sometime after all the shipping issues are worked out. The table I’ll be constructing is overbuilt for the Shapeoko, but was designed with a CNCRouterParts Pro48X48 in mind, which if/when I outgrow the XXL, will be my second machine. Construction is 2.5" by 3/16" wall square tubing, 49" wide by 65" long and 35" high.

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My suggestion for the next two sizes were HS and FS for half and full sheets of 4’x8’ plywood.

8mm bolts will hold 5 of these machines no problem. That’s not going to be an issue.

Here’s mine. I’m still working on the dust collection system. …


Looking good, Tony! Your enclosure served as a good bit of the inspiration for mine, though mine isn’t quite as polished. :slight_smile:

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Copied your design with addition of storage below and doors; thanks.
Just waiting for machine to show up to do finishing touches…dust control, lighting etc.


Enclosure started, not near completed yet…

plan on adding foam board inside to deaden sound a bit.

Electronics outside:

Is that an extra arduino mounted above the control board?

I like the laid in T-track. Is that is the bottom “waste” board or in a truly sacrificial layer on top of that?