Software to do vcarve inlay

Trying to research what software is available to do vcarve inlay. Since I won’t be doing a lot of inlay. I’d rather not spend hundreds of dollars on a software package.

Request the one year free Pro license for CC. Search the forum and find the article, make a login on their launchpad application and get an email back with the license. There is a tutorial on youtube about using the inlay in CC.

Do grab that Pro license while it’s free, but in fact the basic CC now has these “Advanced V-carve” toolpaths that will allow you to make inlays, see:

Note that ideally you need a BitSetter to go with the advanced v-carve workflow at this point (though there is a way to circumvent that if you don’t with a little manual editing of the file)

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maybe by asking nicely, we can convince @wmoy to do a youtube video about using CC for inlays… it’s a great new Carbide Create feature after all

Had trouble finding how to get the free license on the forum. But I did find an article about
logging in and requesting a trial license. But it is only good for 14 days not one year.

see Carbide Create Pro - Free For a Year


FWIW, I wrote up a bit on this at: Inlay Work (Woodworking) — balance is at: Inlay Work (Woodworking)

and see:

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Thank you that worked.

Pretty much anything that will do V-carving can do an inlay. I’ve used:
Carbide Create (before the new versions…I really need to check it out) - had to do some math.
F-engrave - really simple, but the toolpaths aren’t very efficient
Easel Pro - really simple, and you get 4 free days per month ( it used to be that way…I don’t use it much)
Fusion 360 - wasn’t trivial, but you get MUCH more control over the toolpaths.

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