SOLD - Higly upgraded S3 in Germany

Hi Guys,

As life moves on i am also and this time my shapeoko isn’t coming with me… maybe a larger S5 will later this year so. To make room space and financial wise i would like to Sell my S3.

The Machine is super well maintained. Normally used no business use just hobby here and there.

What you will Get:

  • Shapeoko 3 Standard

  • Airtight electronic enclosure

  • Passively cooled Steppers

  • Passively cooled drivers

  • Chain guiding all around the machine

  • High flex shielded cable inside chain to connect a router

  • Aluminum clamping plate (1 piece)

  • Reinforced fiber belts (new on the machine and on roll)

  • New Wheels

  • HD eccentric nuts

  • HDZ

  • Bit Setter (NEW never installed)

  • Capacitive homing switches

  • upgraded vibration damping feet

  • Power Filter to run a VFD without interference in data transmission

  • Sand plates inside the machine (sand is out to get it moving)

  • Some mills

  • Precise collets for various diameters

Asking price is a honest 1600 €

if you want to read and see what i did, go to my Thread

Selling in complete Europe shipping would cost around 100 (i can build a crate but shipping is on your own risk)

So clean my wife allowed it in the livin room :smiley:


Very nice, someone will be lucky to get it. Wish I was closer. It is a long way to Texas from Germany.

Just a side note. My 84 year old cousin was stationed in Germany. He married a German woman and they came back here to live. They had two large standard poodles that only understood German. My cousin learned to speak German over the years. She recently passed away. She always missed Germany. Her ashes were sent to Germany and spread over her parents graves. Love is eternal.

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Machine is sold thanks guys