SOLD Nomad Classic for Sale NYC - with Upgrades & Awesome Enclosure

I’m sad about it, but I’m selling my Nomad classic. I’ve put it off for a long time, but the old girl is just not getting any exercise now that I have a Shapeoko XXL, and it’s time for her to find a new home.

I’m thinking $800 would be a pretty good price, but make me an offer. This does not include shipping. I’m probably able to deliver it if you are not too far from Brooklyn. You can message me directly.

NOTE: This is the Nomad classic, so it uses belts instead of ball screws. It’s a great machine nonetheless!


My Nomad has mostly milled wood and plastic. I think I’ve cut aluminum twice. It has a brand new spindle - just replaced since the last time it was used.

It also has a brand new 1.5x more powerful spindle motor, but I haven’t installed it yet. You would have to do this yourself, and it will only fit if you keep it in the enclosure I built. The new spindle motor is taller than the original, and thus it will not fit into the original enclosure.

I’m including lots of stuff:

  • threaded table + cams and stuff for work holding - the hi-tech systems version
  • the original table
  • flip jig
  • low profile vise
  • custom dust head
  • super awesome enclosure
  • original enclosure, in case you want it.
  • Oh, you can also have the ikea desk it lives on if you want

Some notes about the enclosure:
I live in Brooklyn, in an apartment, and mostly used my Nomad at night. This enclosure was designed so I could do my milling without disturbing my family, and without exposing them to wood particulates etc. You can see more info in this thread, along with a little video of it.

You get some of the stuff in this drawer:


So tempted… it’s the one time I wish I lived in NY (great place to visit, but not for me).

I’m very interested in this machine. Can you send me an email.

Im def interested if you still have this. Email me at or text 2017743535

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