Speeding up homing cycle and rapids

Sorry if this has been touched on but I Was wondering if there is any feedback about speeding up homing cycle and rapids.
Example: https://youtu.be/q6z1Fo9JmPs

Had a SO3 before and didn’t really notice, but now that I have the pro xxl I notice the time needed to home and rapid. I am impatient by nature so I know I am probably being ridiculous trying to speed things up. Just wanted to see if there was any negative impact to running things on increased speed settings. Thanks!

Some discussion at:

Got it! Thanks for the quick response. Can’t wait to put these into action.

C3D created the parameters that the machines to run at based on their design knowledge. Although you can speed the machine up at some point the speed will not significantly impact the overall time it takes to start, cut and finish a project. Yes it is somewhat faster but unless you are running the same project over and over the time saved is insignificant.

It is like in heavy traffic you start cutting in and out of lanes to get ahead but in reality you are only increasing the possibility of an accident and increasing your frustration. The accident will actually produce the counter effect of saving time by cutting in and out. And even if you dont have an accident how much time did you save when the average flow of traffic is fixed no matter how much you try to buck the flow. So for your own personal safety and mental health just go with the flow.

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