Speeds, Feeds, Power, and Force (SFPF) Calculator

Geesh-i have not tried this yet but i’m blown away by what i’ve read here.
I have a SO3 (selling it soon) with a SOPro XL coming later this week and wanted to start looking for a better feeds-n-speeds calculator for me.

This looks like an impressive amount of work and something ready for a Shapeoko, not something you need to tone down that was made for production mills.
Impressive! I can’t wait to try it out.

I have VCarve Pro V8.5 and will be upgrading to the current version once I get my SOPro put together.
Aside from VCarve Pro and this spreadsheet what would you suggest I look into that will help (I have not used my SO3 in four years)?

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IMO @Julien’s eBook (free) and @spargeltarzan’s Millalyzer (almost free) help files are great resources. HSMAdvisor can be useful too since you can force it to do what you want.


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