Speeds & Feeds - Shapeoko 5 Pro w/VFD

Hi All,
Many posts discussing feeds, speeds and plunge rates. Also a few broken links. I have yet to come across a document with generic speed & feeds as well as plunge rates. Can anyone help out? Specifically with the Shapeoko 5 Pro running the VFD spindle. Thanks!

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for a good starting overview and for specific materials see:

For more detail see:



and the many posts on this on:

There are many other feeds and speeds programs/chipload calculators/techniques for deriving them. One which I was successful with was:

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Oh wow. Great resources, thank you very much!! :smiley:

My pleasure! but arguably you shouldn’t thank me — thank the folks who wrote those up, @Julien and @TDA for the first and last links, and @wmoy for the videos (I don’t think Bob Warfield has an account here — the pricing for his chipload calculator is neat, one pays per year, but each year of access buys perpetual access at # of years * horsepower rating).

At one point the old Shapeoko wiki might have had some valid advice which I had copied into it from more knowledgeable folks, but then I spoiled it by cluttering it up w/ too many notes on too many obscure cases.


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