Spindle lock ideas for DW611?

I’ve switched back from the Makita to the DW611 (long story), and one of the things I miss most is the two-wrench method for changing bits on the Makita.

It is kind of a PITA to hold the DW611’s spindle lock with one hand and wrench the collet with the other.

Has anyone come up with clever options for holding the button in, or removing the button and using some drill rod in the hole or anything like that?

I had rotator cuff surgery last summer and only had one arm for almost 4 months, so I made this:

Wood to catch the end mill (since I have a metal table)


I made this from 3/4" HDPE with 1/8" roundover on all edges. Allows one handed tool changes.

I can’t take credit for the idea, IIRC I saw a plywood one on the Shapeoko Forum. Changed the material to HDPE so it would slide over the spindle lock easier.

There’s one built into the ev-guide dust shoe found here:

It works really good, so good in fact that I’ve forgotten to unlock it a couple times and started my router. No damage done, but it’s pretty unnerving.

I like the design Rich has above, maybe not as simple as flipping a switch, but a whole lot harder to not notice before powering up, could also add a red “Remove before flight” streamer to it to increase the chances that a lapse in memory doesn’t cause catastrophe!



That’s what the center hole is for on my version . Haven’t gotten around to adding the streamer/flag yet. Only mishap I have had is lowering the Z axis on my dust boot when trying to zero Z axis. I will modify the design slightly to clear my dust boot, however not being able to use the touch plate deters turning the Spindle on with the lock in place.

Hey Rich, I really like this design can I borrow it? Personal use only of course.

I can sympathize with the shoulder surgery and suddenly being a one armed bandit. Had my left shoulder done 15 years ago following a fall that split my humerus lengthwise (that’s the big not at all “funny bone”). In 2015 I had the right one done after lifting a small roll away toolbox during a move. Tore my rotator cuff, labrum, disconnected biceps tendon, and had a decompression where they trim the bone spurs and such off the clavicle. I had an amazing surgeon for the second one and was back on my motorcycle within 2 months, pinned tendons and all, haha!


I have a remove before flight flag on my motorcycle key ring, somehow I still never remember to remove it when I hit a huge bump in the road and momentarily become airborne. Maybe it should read, “Install before flight” ?


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As a pilot, that would tend to get my attention. :airplane_small:

Sporty’s has the keychain for pretty cheap.

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I’m an A&P, albeit I haven’t touched an airplane in several years. I used to work on a crew that did pre-dock lockout on heavy jets prior to B-check. Those flags really get my attention, guess I’ll never lose my motorcycle key :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I think I saved the CC design. When I get to my shop today, I’ll look for it and post it here. BTW: I remember have trouble making the shape in CC as a single design, so the design is in multiple programs. (I love and hate CC.)

Thanks for sharing the ideas. I’ll have to modify one of them somewhat to accommodate my hose, but that is doable.

Attach it to the end of your router power cord. You should be unplugging the router when you’re changing bits anyway.

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Sorry for the delay, I thought I was going crazy. I found it in the shop’s server, but the file was blank (but it was a 44kb file???).

I ended up trying 3 different versions of CC and found out that it DOES need version 283 (dated Jan. 2016) to open.

See the attached file and screen print.

One Arm Tool Change.c2d (43.4 KB)

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Thanks Rich I’ll give it a shot!


Two good ideas.

New photo by Andrew Hood New photo by Andrew Hood


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This is awesome, I’m going to knock one up over the weekend. Any chance you have this in a fusion360 file? or the just the basic measurements of the opening, the depth of the opening and the narrow bit?


Spindle diameter is 69mm and the flat on mine was 5 mm inset.

You may want to check your Spindle lock inset and how far it depresses JIC.

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I am liking this set up. may i ask about the flat headed screws you are using on the clamps. where could i find those. btw nice touch with the branding.

They are ‘Connector Bolts’. Mine are 1/4-20 with a 4mm allen head socket. Found these at the local hardware store. Available many places online.

I think you meant “knock one out.” “Knock one up” means something different.

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