Spindle lock-out not functioning

So I have been running my HDM for a week or so now with no issues at all. This morning I went to run another program and for some reason the spindle lock-out button isn’t working. No red LED light, and the spindle won’t turn on at all.

Has anyone else experienced this? I took the cover off the button housing and it looks the buttons are attached to fuses? Could it be blown?

I just got this off Amazon: 19mm Latching Push Button Switches SPDT ON/Off Waterproof Black Metal 12V Ring LED with Wire Plug (Green) https://a.co/d/iO7tzt7

Hoping I can just swap out the button (which I think is the issue).

I don’t know anything about wiring…any tips on how to swap the wire connector? Can I just get one of these? Molex 6-Pin Black(Navy) Connector Pitch 4.20mm.0165" w/18-24 AWG Pin Mini-Fit Jr ™ (3 Match Set) https://a.co/d/iatkkaJ

Contact support@carbide3d.com before doing any modifications to your HDM, especially if it’s still under warranty.


Absolutely. Just getting a back up option ready.

Just a small update. The spindle still functions…somewhat. If I press “jog” on the VFD the spindle turns on and rotates at about 1,000 rpm. So…I am pretty sure it’s a bad “spindle lock” button. Still waiting to hear from support though.

One day our shop installed and HDM. The next day the spindle lock-out button did not work. I checked continuity from the button to the board connector. The switch and cable tested OK. I returned the electronics cabinet to Carbide 3D, as requested. Now awaiting a repaired unit and an explanation of the resolution.

Yep, sounds like the exact same situation I am having as well. Also sent back the cabinet and waiting for results.

Add another one to the list. My spindle lock out did not work out of the box. Not clear how it could have passed QA before shipping. I am awaiting shipping instructions. They want the control box, cable and switch back. That means disassembling the enclosure and wire harness. The cable and switch check OK, so it is unclear why they want them back. It is a shame that there is no board-level circuit information that would allow at least a bit of troubleshooting in the field.

I will add that their support team seems to be very responsive. It is much better than most companies I deal with. And the HDM is a young design, so growing pains are not unexpected. – still frustrating, though :wink:

My cabinet is back from repair. Diagnosis was MAYBE a bad VFD board? Everything looked ok they said…swapped out the board anyways…and now it seems to be working fine. Spindle lock button is once again functional as well.


I also have a failed spindle. I tested the spindle w a m3 command when I first got machine setup, the next day I went to run a program, nothing. Jog also makes it spin but no computer control. Spoke to carbide, i have to send it in. Customer service was very friendly but this product clearly has a defect, I really hope this thing is reliable after I get repaired.

It seems like the hdm has a significantly higher rate of doa/failure then the other machines just based on my observations over the last year combing data from here, reddit, youtube and instagram. Theres a much higher number of users reporting problems with this machine then the others. I don’t know sales numbers but sincerely doubt they are selling the same number of hdms as they do standard and nomads. Makes me nervous about receiving mine with issues.

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Received my HDM back from repair for defective VFD board.

Edit: got it working, I’m still nervous, we shall see whether keeps running or not.

You may need to reconnect it to carbide motion. That’s what I had to do as well.

I received a new control cabinet from Carbide3D and the spindle now seems to work properly. Time will tell if it continues to do so. It took quite a while because the Post Office lost my original cabinet on the return trip. But Carbide3D support was quite swift in getting a new one to me as soon as we figured out what had happened. Since this has been something of an apparently common failure, I am hoping that someone from Support will chime in with comments on what they have found to be the problem.

Spindle lockout failures and the couplers slipping seem to be the main problems with the hdm aside from user fixable software stuff.

Overall these are pretty low occurrences, but we’re investigating both to see what we can to to eliminate any failings.


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