Spindle won't move

I’ve created a project in vcarve to surface my material and create 5 pockets. I can see the toolpath on vcarve but when I send it to cut on Carbide motion to spindle stays at the corner of the material. What am I missing?

Post the file?

Check in w/ Vectric tech support (if using Vectric Vcarve)

Whay does the simulation look like? What you describe is usually an empty tool path

Another possibility is scale, for example a stock size accidentally entered as 1mm x 1mm instead of 100mm x 100mm.

parts board.tap (34.2 KB)

The post-processor you used to generate that file is probably not adequate.
I see the first line is T1M6, while Shapeoko post-processors typically write it M6T1, maybe Carbide Motion is confused by that. Anyway, you should use a post-processor that is customized to work with the Shapeoko and its accessories, here’s one for VCarve that our own @neilferri wrote:

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I am a newby and this answer is beyond my skill set. When vcarve asks what post processor what should I put in?



Just a follow up to spindle not moving. It was the post processor setting I was using was wrong. It is working fine now. Thank you for the suggestion.

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