Spinner Fidget in Walnut

Based on this design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1791421

Surfacing. My dust boot works, just not perfectly. Also, looks my router isn’t square to the bed.

Roughing pass, then finishing pass, then cutout profile

Bearings inserted, tung oil applied.

I accidentally broke the three armed version, redoing it and will update.

Thanks for looking!


Oh! I was just looking at these on etsy thinking it would make a great cnc project. Care to share your files? I’m a hopeless fidget…drives my wife crazy…

The thingiverse link above is where I got the stls. My vectric files aren’t worth sharing frankly because he holes ended up too small and I had to do quite a bit of sanding to get them right.

Three arm version. This one spins about twice as long.

I made one of these recently too. Mine is a quick’n’dirty torqbar knockoff.

If anybody else makes one of these, be sure to use a solvent to clean the lubrication from the bearing. It’s counter intuitive, but an unloaded bearing will spin faster and longer without lubrication.

I used 3/4" oak and pocketed it down to 3/8" thick. Here are my design files:

Spinner3.c2d (139.0 KB)
Buttons.c2d (10.3 KB)

If I do it again, I’ll make the buttons out of brass with a concave profile. The brass inserts are just 5/8" brass rod that I had laying around. I used my metal lathe to part them off to exact thickness to maintain balance. You could also use something like 1/2" nuts as weights if you don’t have brass.

Aside from a waste board and clamps, this is my first CNC project on my new SO3.