Spoil Board, Clamps and Fences for XXL

Hi All,

I just finished up the clamps for my new spoil board and fence system for my XXL. The plans were from Myers Woodshop on Youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OoMsJezGUc. Ben Myers has the carbide create files for free on his blog or you can pay a couple of bucks on etsy.com. I had bought a new sheet of MDF and cut up 3 spoil board blanks and batch cut them. The first one was installed and trammed which showed my Z axis was not square. I used some tin foil under the router mount to shim it to square on the X axis and used some 123 Setup blocks to square for the Y axis. I have plans for a lot of things now that the new spoil board is in place and the ability to clamp with a low profile. I had ordered some of the Suckit Opps clamps and they emailed today that they will be shipped this week.

I am ready to roll, I am locked and loaded.


Looks great! I use Meyers’ plans to make my fence and clamps as well. Love 'em!! Looks like you’ve cut this batch from a piece of Oak?

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I had made some other clamps out of oak and liked them. Not sure if Myers ever specified material. The only unfortunate part is I had to buy the oak for $18.00 at Lowe’s. Unfortunate because I have hundreds of feet of oak but is not more than 4 inches wide. I was too impatient to glue some up. My only concern is the smaller clamps are on the short grain where the larger ones are on the ling grain. If the small ones do not hold up it is live and learn and I will remake.


Yeah…moving beyond MDF gets ex-spend-sive!!! I see your point about the long grain on oak. Especially on the short corner style clamps. I’ve never used them but I expect that I will one day. I just assumed that Meyers used MDF, so I followed suit.