Squeak Sound on Y axis

Hi, I’ve noticed for a while now when Initializing Machine that when my machine is coming to request to insert a bit or for measuring the bit from the back of the machine and it’s making its way to the front it has a squeaking sound from what sounds like the Y axis/Y rails. This also seems to happen when I do Jog mode Rapid Position back to front and front to back. I’m unsure what this is or how to fix it. I have always checked that my screws are tight on the rails, and I keep the rails clean, use Mobil 1 Vactra oil #2 on rails periodically and checked pulleys are on the step motors good. I’m unsure if there is a cause for this or a fix for this. Not sure how to get the annoying squeak sound to go away. I don’t hear the sound when the machine is from because of the spindle running, vacuum and cutting of the wood. It doesn’t sound like anything damaging but just sounds like a squeaky area needing lubed.
or tightened maybe. Please help. Thank you.

If you get a squeak, and the rails have oil on them, then the problem is in the linear blocks — either they’re low on oil, or some debris has gotten past the wipers and is interfering w/ the bearings turning.



and the video

and, c.f.,

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I’ll run through all these things tomorrow evening. I was also wondering if possibly it could belts not being equally or properly tensioned. I’ll run through all this tomorrow on Wednesday and report back on Thursday. In the last year I haven’t been able to run my machine very much at all but just recently I was able to get back to running again. Thanks :slight_smile:

for tensioning belts see:

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Will, I just wanted to let you know that everything is running sooooo much smoother now and no more squeaky noises. Appreciate your help, info and links you provided. Thank you :smiley:

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