Stacking text on imported file in CC

Hi Guys, I am attempting to make a sign for my grandson. I would like to stack text on top of an image of a Lego piece. I converted the image to a .svg format and used the import button to bring it into my project and then I added the text on top of it. It is simple line drawing of the Lego piece. I followed the usual method to stack text and I can’t seem to get anything other than just an outline of the drawing and text. I thought that maybe the stacking technique only worked on text so I made a test project and drew a row of rectangles and then placed text on top of them. The boolean operation worked perfectly and I was successful so I figured it’s an issue with imported files. Hopefully somebody has some experience doing this, if it’s even possible. Thank you.

Please see:

Thanks Will, it’s a lot to digest but I’ll give it a try.

Is it just an svg of a lego piece? Like a 2d outline? If so you should be able to add text on top of it wherever you’d like and set up toolpaths. If it doesn’t work, I know sometimes I have to save it as an svg and re import it and it normally fixes it. I hope this helped! If I missed what you were trying to say I’m sorry. I hope you get this figured out! When you do, tell us if he likes it :+1:!

Yes it’s a 2d outline of the lego piece and on it’s own I can successfully do an advanced vcarve. When I place text over the image and do the boolean operation in order to create the lower tool path all I can get is the outline of the lego and the text, no pockets inside of the outline. I’m probably not explaining this very well and due to time constraints I ended up just vcarving the text and legos seperately on the sign, forgoing the stacked effect. Thanks for your input Casey, I will probably try this again in the future.

Of course. I’m still learning so I probably didn’t explain well either. If you want, you can take a picture of the actual svg and text on carbide and I’ll try and recreate it. Or you can upload the file itself. I’ll look at it and see if I can help you so you know in the future! Also, did your grandson like it?

The sign was sent to him today so it will be a few days before I find out how well I did. Thanks so much @Caseyman for the offer to investigate this further but I’m frying other fish at the moment. When I get back to this, I’ll let you know what I find and maybe take you up on the offer of help!

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Will do will do! I hope he likes it!!! And if I have the ability to help you in any way, I will! This community is so helpful, so if I know of something that could help anyone, I will gladly share. The door is always open, just @ me if you need anything. Don’t hesitate to ask me. I might not know a lot, but what I do know I will gladly tell you! If you need anything just ask!!!