Star Wars Aztec Calendar

I saw this on the Inventables forum and had to make one. 14" diameter. Cut out of MDF. Sealed with sanding sealer, sprayed with metallic copper paint, then painted and wiped black acrylic. The took just under 2 hours for the vcarve using a 60 degree 1/2" vbit. Cut out using 1/4" upcut endmill.


Great job,was hoping to cut one myself.The tips and tricks group on face book has been passing the file around too

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The Force is strong with you @dtilton71!

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Study the Aztec and you may find your representation to be truer that you think…nice work.


Can you post a photo at an angle so the cutwork shows?

Would anyone be willing to share this file?

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That’s definitely more impressive at an angle.

Is this file able to be opened in Carbide Create? It’s not allowing me to…

I’ve never used Carbide Create, so I have no idea. i’m sure someone on here can tell you.

May I ask what you use @dtilton71 ?

Thank you…

Vectric VCarve Desktop 8.5. I have since upgraded to VCarve Pro 9.0.

I just tried importing it into Carbide Create (version 3.05) and got a “lua error”:


I’ve got no clue what that means, but @WillAdams could probably tell us?

I did one in VCarve Desktop a couple weeks ago using a diamond engraving bit on acrylic:

It’s a cool image


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Some jerk was trying to sell that on Facebook the other week (not the author)

That Lua error when trying to import means that the DXF uses features which Carbide Create doesn’t support — open the DXF in some other tool and re-save it:

Import DXF

  • it may help to use the OVERKILL command to eliminate any overlapping or intersecting paths before exporting from AUTOCAD
  • AutoCAD 2000 DXF format (model geometry only, base model scaling) export from the desired face (not isometric view)
  • 2004 Lines

Hmmmmm, will have to figure that out. Not entirely sure what any of that means. lol

I’m not an Autocaditor unfortunately, I use Catia for such things. Tried importing into VCarve, exporting as svg then importing to CC and it choked. Tried importing, exporting, several different ways from VCarve and couldn’t get anything CC would read as a matter of fact, but Inkscape didn’t like it either. Don’t have Catia on this PC to try either.:persevere:

Maybe contact the author? I think it’s on


What usually works is to open in LibreCAD, then to re-save there (sometimes one has to fiddle w/ settings).

Thanks all. Not a pressing project for me, so I will try at my leisure. Thanks again!