Steel core belt upgrade time!

(Brian Mears) #1

My steel core belts came today & I may install them soon. I’ve read Steel-Core Belt Upgrade and other related posts.

Those of you that have done this: once installed, what (if anything) can I bump up in CM to take advantage of these belts?

Anything I should pay extra attention to… should the tension be similar to the stock belts?


(Jonathan Anderson) #2

I installed mine to similar tension, if not a tad higher, than the standard ones.

I increased acceleration a bit and rapid speed as well. I know rapid speeds are 7500 mm/min right now. I don’t remember what acceleration is, I’ll have to check when I get home.

They were the simplest upgrade I’ve done yet.


(Stephen Kidwell) #3

When I upgraded mine I didnt change a thing but I am sure upping the speed is something I could and should do. I will have to look into what others have done for both speed and acceleration for sure.


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