STORE - Have anti-backlash nuts available in store

The a-b nuts are really a consumable item, much like the V-Wheels. I’d like to be able to purchase new ones once my current ones wear out.

My current one is sloppy, but usable since I’m not doing any detailed carving right now.

Shapeoke 3 Z plus


I second this. I live in Australia and rather than discovering wear and then ordering one and waiting for shipping, I’d like to have a replacement on hand.


Does anyone know where to buy them?

Ok found then. Nut and two collets 1/8 and 1/4. Kind of expensive $73. I know ouch.

However, it did come with a free trim router

Instead of spending 20 bucks for the Collett. I just put that to a spare router.

Carbide 3-D store has 15% off so……

This thread was about anti-backlash nuts? Not collet nuts. But if you need a collet nut,

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Note that there are two (three) different sorts of collets and nuts in question:

Note that Carbide 3D only offers 1/8" and 1/4" collets — if you want other sizes see:


Note that this thread was originally started about the availability, or request that Carbide 3D make available anti backlash nuts to purchase.

Holey train derailment Batman,


Confessing my ignorance I’d like to see a picture of an anti-backlash nut. I’m not sure what it is.


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Since this was about the Z-Plus anti-backlash nut and lead nut (but some how got confused to collets), here’s a detailed post on the issue and replacement.

I did suggest to C3D support that these should be available in the store. The replacement is easy. If you can assemble your cnc, you can do this.

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