Suggestion for getting photos ready for acrylic etching/carving

Would anyone be able to suggest a good programme to convert photos ready for cnc.I am on apple and that cuts out photo carve.I have photos of golden retrievers I would like to set up as LED display.Thanks for the help

We have:

Thanks Will that looks like it will work for me,have one problem,I am still on 2009 I Mac and I am running out of memory and can not get a detail finish.Looks like I am up for a Mac book

Might be able to just adjust your settings.

Let us know at what settings aren’t working and send the image in and we’ll do our best to look into this w/ you.

Hi Will everything seems to work except I run out of memory,what is the lowest number I can use for grid density if I had a suitable computer?I can get down to 3 and that’s when I hit trouble.

Post the file or send it in to ?

@Graham Check out RasterCarve . It’s free and open source.

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Hi Will,this is only a trial photo in black and white I am trying to get a finer detail in halftone,can not get the numbers down low enough to make it useable,it has to be the 2009 I Mac

Hi Neil,tried to open but apple is giving me big warning signs about it,also saying licensing is out of date

After 13 years, I think your Mac is ready for retirement.

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You are not wrong,in NZ we have been trying since beginning of February to get an I Pad,out of stock,I will see what happens on Tuesday for the apple event to see what Mac books are coming out

I see that too, excited a couple of weeks ago. I submitted an issue on GitHub.
If you’re comfortable with the command line, you can run it that was as well.

EDIT: Should be fixed. @Graham Try again.

@graham sorry about the issue you are having, but that there us a NICE looking Golden Retriever you have there. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Hi Gary,we have photos of golden retrievers I want to put on acrylic but for a trial went out and took a black and white of one of our Llamas

Just poking fun as my favorite dogs are Golden Retrievers and Labradore Retrievers. lost the little guy in my avitar a short time ago.

Hi Gary,that’s not very good,we have had 3 Golden Retrievers one after the other,they are great dogs,hence wanting to set them in Acrylic LED

Hi Neil,yes we are working,now need to try on some scrap whatever

Hi Neil,have you produced any projects from Raster Carve and how was the quality??

Just a test I did a couple years ago…just playing around.


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