Suggestions for Carbide Create

Some of these may have been mentioned before and many may be my personal preference but here are my thoughts on Carbide create:

  1. Offline help - A help PDF installed with the program or something would be nice to have just in case internet is unavailable.
  2. Alignment tools available even with only one object selected because sometimes I just want to align it to the stock and nothing else.
  3. Actually while we are at it I would personally prefer all tools visible at all times whether or not they can be used, just grey out the ones that cannot be used. (personal preference really but the hiding tools are rather annoying to me)
  4. On mac the delete key really should be able to delete an object without having to use the Fn key, or map it to “Command + Delete” instead, or have a button in the tools for delete object, the easier it is to find and understand for those new or not really wanting quirky software the better.
  5. Keyboard Commands - It took me forever to find out what each modifier key does. There needs to be and easy way to figure out within the program itself what commands work or what each key does or modifies (see #1). Maybe a commands menu in the menu bar or something. I grew up learning keyboard commands in many programs and many of the ones in carbide create are kinda odd given software history. Example: holding the Command/Ctrl key to add another selected object is not necessarily a historically universal command within programs (yes I know it can be used this way in the OS). More universal to me seems Shift for adding to selection, Option/Alt for subtracting from selection.
  6. DXF Scaling Precision - This may be a limitation of DXF files, but when I scale A DXF file and tell it to scale from say 2456.45mm down to 400mm I honestly expect it to be exactly 400mm after the scaling is done if that means the software needs to be precise up to 8 decimal places to make that happen instead of only 2-3 decimal places then that should be done.
  7. V-Carving Inlay - I may not have done much with V carve Inlays but from what I have seen its more complicated than it should be, and the expensive V-Carve software isn’t available for Macs. Gonna try F Engrave but an easier method for Inlays in Carbide create would be nice.
  8. Text along path - Probably has been mentioned as well.

Can’t help much but see:

as well as:

For text along a path, best to use Inkscape or some other Bézier curve editor — just save a copy and convert the text to paths.