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Attached you will see the start of a hand carving. Can someone please offer suggestions on how to get Slopped or rounded edge letters like these started by hand. I use Carbide 3D and Aspire.

Offset the letters by the amount needed to have a V carve toolpath cut that deep, and by half that amount. Select the inner and outer path and do a V carving. Then select the in-between path and an exterior bit of geometry and cut that as a pocket.

I believe Vectric will allow you to just use a V bit and will just cut that if one limits the depth of the V carving.

Here’s how to do it by hand in Carbide Create:

So you want v-carve letters that stand out rather than cut into the wood, correct? To do that in Aspire, draw a vector around the letters you want to carve. When you select a v-carve toolpath, select the surrounding vector and the letters.

So, this:

Cuts like this:

If you set a flat depth and a flat area clearance tool, you’ll end up with something like this:


Thanks Stephen. This is perfect…

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Thanks Max this helps greatly!

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