Sunglass Case made with Carbide Create

Sunglass Case designed in Carbide Create.

Made on the Shapeoko 3 with a .25" endmill
Material: 15" x 8" x .5" Bamboo
Machining Time: 30 minutes
Additional supplies:
Sand Paper
Deft Wood Spray Semi Gloss
3m Super 77
Table Router

Heres the Carbide Create design screen-

This is a 3 or 4 part design depending on the thickness of the closed glasses.

Here are the Tool Paths- the extra rectangles surrounding the top cases allow the exterior pocket feature which makes the parts snap together with a friction fit.

In the Tool Path preview below you can see the top and bottom halves are created with 2 pockets tool paths and are identical.
The exterior pockets create the part lines that snap into the center ring.
The interior pocket creates the recess for the glasses.

For the exterior cuts I did not go all the way through the .5" stock, I left a .010" skin to keep the parts intact without using tape and I could cut through with an exacto blade.

A quick pass on the table router with a 1/4" radius cutter finished the outside edges, then a light sanding and 2 coats of Deft wood clear coat.

The Final parts sanded and test assembled with a previous design on the right that was going to use some hardware.
In the end I prefer the smooth exterior - but may still add some small magnets.

More pics of the final product-



What I like about this project is how easily this design could be adjusted to be used as an enclosure, or box of any shape.

Heres a link to the Carbide Create file:

Settings for Bamboo (Plyboo) on the S3 with .25" endmill:
DOC .22"
Feed 65 IPM
Plunge 30 IPM


Now that is a very nice use of your noggin. Grats Apollo great work

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Thank you @Bonch
The file was a little large for direct upload, but I have added a link, have fun!

This is awesome Apollo! Might try this in some white oak :slight_smile:

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