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So as I started making larger cuts, I really found a need for a level spoilboard. I picked up a Whiteside #6210 and added it to my tool list using the manufacturer specs. The problem I’m having is that even though it’s a 1" bit, since the flutes are only .125 it’s cutting like a .125 bit. I started to level a 32x24 piece of mdf last night, but quit 5 hours into it when I realized it wasn’t even halfway done. I would assume that changing the flute length would fix the problem, but I figured I would ask around and see what you guys are doing to remedy this issue. Thanks.

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Please post a screen grab of your tool definition and your c2d file.

It may help to see:

Here is how my tool is set up. As for the file, I simply made a 32x24 square and created a toolpath to pocket at .010 (one pass). Toolpath time is 688 minutes. It’s only removing 1/16th of material with each pass, which I could have done with any 1/8th endmill.

What do you have the stepover defined as in your file?

Well that’s my problem. I’m not sure what to change the stopover to. So I never changed the stepover, I believe V5 automatically set it to .08.

Sorry but I can 't wrap my head around the …I bought a 1.0 inch (cutter) but added it as a 1/8" cutter…huh? Why would you do this? (Hint: Change it to a 1.0 inch cutter with a 0.5-0.75 step over) PS I sure hope you trammed (Squared) your spindle to the table first.


Half the tool diameter is usually a good starting point.

Here is my custom tool set up for Whiteside and a generic knockoff 1" surfacing bit.

number vendor model URL name type diameter cornerradius flutelength shaftdiameter angle numflutes stickout coating metric notes machine material plungerate feedrate rpm depth cutpower finishallowance 3dstepover 3dfeedrate 3drpm
601 whiteside 6210 Fly Cutter end 1 0.125 0.25 0.25 2 3 0.25 0 Shapeoko MDF 10 80 16000 0.01 1 20 80 16000
602 Sugelary X002JUT7TF Fly Cutter end 1 0.125 0.25 0.25 2 3 0.25 0 Shapeoko MDF 10 100 16000 0.01 1 20 80 16000

Here are the definitions of the tool database files.

carbide3d_tool_database_defenitions.pdf (30.5 KB)


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