Surfacing Setup Question for 3XXL

Hey all,

I am new to CNC and wanted to see if anyone could help me with setting up for surfacing operations mainly for wood and epoxy resin products.
I have a whiteside 1" surfacing bit with 3 chips, but I have not been able to find what settings are needed to program the tool DB for correct operation. I currently have RPM at 16000, Feed at 45 IPM. What is an acceptable plungerate?
Also the toolpath is confusing me as well. When setting up do I need to create individual lines to prevent the router from starting in the middle of my project?

Any help and guidance is much appreciated.

  1. Have you trammed (squared) you router?

  2. You can start in the middle, but I program the level program in Fusion360, so that I can start it where I want, and then run the program in the X direction, they Y, then +45 then -45 (I like my table flat). My feed (after the first pass (60ipm) is 80-100.


Can I ask what the stepover and plunge was? Thanks.

It varies mainly due to the depth of the lines/cuts in the waste board that I want to remove. Step over it as far as I can go…if I am using a 3/4" cutter, I will step over 0.7ish…if I am using my 1.375 facing cutter, I will use 1.30.

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Yes I have trammed my router. I did up my feedrate significantly and that alone was a huge difference. What RPM do you have your bit set too?

My stepover is 20% and the plunge is set to 8.00 Inches

My Makita stays at 11,000 (lowest setting) unless I am engraving. I like how quiet it is at that speed…I like quiet.


I use the Dewalt and its lowest setting is 16k.

My DeWalt sits in the cabinet listening to it’s Makita cousin…best move I made was replacing it (for me).

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