Surfacing spoil board

Trying to get F360 to surface my spoil board but I can’t contain the tool.

Limits are 865mm in X, 422mm Y (bitsetter removed).

Position set at top right, F360 wants to start the surface op at X15.

Any CAM tips on how to get this to work? I’ve been punching around with numbers for far too long. Stock boundaries, etc etc. What a nightmare Fusion!

It is good to be able to use your tool of choice but CC is free and easy to get this simple operation done and over.

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I’m open for that if files exist already for the SO Pro XL!

This is the one I used for my Shapeoko3 XL. I expect you will need to resize it slightly but that is easy enough to do. Just select the outer square and choose the correct dimensions for yours. Also note that this project has a bottom left zero location and not center so adjust that if you want to zero set to center.

Also check the bit since mine is a custom tool and yours may be different so go into the toolpaths tab and edit the toolpath to reflect your bit. Also check the final depth since I probably took more than I needed to this time. I will decrease it next time.

Wasteboard Surfacing.c2d (5.9 KB)


Can you share your Fusion file?

Is your tool a 30mm flycutter by any chance ?
It could just be the Tool Containment option is set to “Inside” :


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So I found some references to that last night but I was never able to find that option for surfacing. The stock boundary is just a selection.

I reached out on my 3D printing discord and someone responded as well and it fixed it up in 60 seconds! For anyone else looking… A 3D horizontal with containment and offset of 0 mm.


And voila!

I wanted to zero the top right, since I will run the home sequence, move to -1,-1 and then set the zero and run it. Normally I use bottom left for my zero when running jobs.

Thanks for the C3D file though, I will take a look as for simple ops, CC might be more straight forward.

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super-French nitpicking: write it “voilà” with the accented a, for bonus points :slight_smile:
(it’s not available on your keyboard though ;))

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Faut que Canadian French soit installe sur Windows… tenkeyless keyboard makes it hard to accent otherwise :slight_smile:

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You can use the [ALT] + 133 code to get the ‘à’ and if we are going to be super-French nitpicking should it not be “et voilà”… :slight_smile:

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@greg5 since you have an SOPro XL it may be worth verifying that your surfacing job will also stay clear of your bitsetter.

it should, but I didn’t want folks to start throwing virtual rocks at me either :slight_smile:

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Really miss utilities such as COMPOSE.exe and AllChars for Windows — usually you can bring up the touch keyboard and use it to access accents though.

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Yeah I unscrewed the bitsetter and it’s going to dangle for the surface operation :slight_smile:

Only works with the numpad, not the top row numbers :slight_smile: I have no numpad.

Greg, mind sharing your Fusion360 file? I tried surfacing mine but don’t think my file is set up right.

Pro (111.2 KB)

Sure here you go - note it is NOT a ZIP, you need to remove that from the extension. It’s an F3D file.

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Awesome! thanks for sharing!

I don’t like pocket to surface faces, mostly because the initial engagement is not the cleanest.
I don’t even like the F360 face toolpath as it only allows climb/rapid (one-way) or climb/conventional (both-ways). Ideally you would surface climb/climb : first one edge and then back along the opposite edge… Just like Joe Pie does manually on his YT channel.

Are any of those option possible on Carbide Create though? I don’t see options to change the pathing for a surface job like that. I have never been fond of the initial engagement either but as far as I knew there was no other option with the software I have. I know the F360 is free for hobbyists and I assume I would qualify as such but have not moved into that software yet since Carbide Create has met my needs so far. I guess I can’t say that completely but at least mostly. I have needed Inkscape and GIMP to complete a few jobs as well but those are tools i mostly know already and are also free.