SVG/DXF of the Nomad3 Side Windows?

I want to laser cut an acrylic window for my shop vac hose instead of cutting the original but I can’t find any files or drawings. Felt sure someone had shared at least the dimensions to save me getting my math wrong!

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I have a drawing with dimensions and hole placements for cutting by hand. I basicly traced a window for a template board and used a table saw for the large cuts then miter saw for the angle and then bolted the stock window to the board and used a top bearing router for the edges. Our window broke and I needed a temporary one till ours arrived from carbide. If you want I can draw one up in solidworks fairly quickly tonight.

Tell me more about this dust collection system. I’ve been wanting to get something like that going on my nomad3


@wmoy did a design:


That would be amazing.

I am shocked one doesn’t exist - I feel sure someone did a 3d model of the whole Nomad but I can’t find it. Perhaps it got taken down :frowning:

Any update on this? Looking to do the same thing and it would be a lot easier to grab a DXF than measure everything up.

Please see the attached file.

nomad window profile.c2d (47.0 KB)