SVG to Tool Path - Missing Areas

New to Carbide Create. I’ve been using Easel with no issue other than the subscription and cloud base.

I’m having a problem making a tool path in Carbide Create. I made an SVG in Illustrator (both shapes I’ve drawn and text converted to outlines). When I import it to Carbide, it imports at a smaller size than the original SVG. If I scale it to size and create a tool path…it leaves these large voids.

See the difference in attached image. The “complete” toolpath is 14mm tall, the “incomplete” toolpath is 16mm tall.

I’ve tried different shapes and fonts to ensure it’s not an error with the font file. I’ve been using illustrator for over 10 years, the SVGs and shapes are good.

If I import the same SVG into Easel, this doesn’t happen.

Why is this happening? Any advice is appreciated.


can you share the c2d file ?
Is this maybe an advanced v-carve toolpath setup with a clearing tool such that the smaller left version is too small to fit any clearing pass with that tool, while the larger version on the right would be just large enough to accomodate the diameter of that clearing tool in that “empty” area ?


Definitely an advanced v-carve toolpath.

I’m using a Sainsmart 3018 pro. I added my own tool (Sainsmart 20 Degree V Engraver) and tweaked the settings on a different project until it performed the same as it did in Easel. I thought I was good to go, but when I started this project I began seeing the issue described above.

It does seem to be related to the tool settings/selection and not the SVG. I chose one of the Carbide 60* Vee tools, applied similar settings, at it seems to be fine. Obviously the tools are different (60* vs. 20*)…but the paths seem OK and the job runs fine.

Obviously I don’t know how to set up the tool correctly. I looked around a little, but not a ton, are there any guides to setting up carbide create with a non-shapeoko/nomad machine?

Thanks for your input, it was definitely the right suggestion.



Clear the checkbox for “enable pocket clearing” — see:


Alternately, modify the tool used for pocket clearing to be much larger in diameter than will fit.


I am not aware of any. Since the Sainsmart 3018 is running GRBL, if you select the GRBL post-processor under “Edit” / “Select post-processor”, that should produce a workable G-code file for your machine:



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