Sweepy adapter for 4" hose?

I just finished setting up the 5 Pro and I’m running into a little annoyance with how close the sweepy dust boot 2.0 port is to the spindle. A normal, center-aligned, 2.5 to 4" adapter doesn’t fit. So I’ve had to rig up temporary fix with a short 2.5" flex pipe extension to connect my 4" hose. It’s a little floppy right now and not how I had imagined the set up being. Probably workable, but I’d like to find a better solution.

I’m having a hard time finding many posts here relating to this. Any thoughts or other examples on how you’ve connected your 4" hoses?

Potential solutions that I’ve found:

  1. 3D printed adapter to make the port offset/off-center. – Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a 3d printer or anyone that does. Not sure how much it would cost to get someone to make it either.
  2. Get an actual 4" dust boot that fits a 65mm spindle. – Reviews are mixed here. Looks a little janky to me. I’d rather stick with the Sweepy if at all possible. Are there other affordable 4" dust boots?
  3. Get some rigid 2.5" elbows instead of the current flex pipe set up I have now to make the offset. I just worry about the load at the joint where it would connect to the sweepy. Could be completely fine also, I’m not experienced enough yet to know.
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  1. Get a block of suitable plastic and fabricate one?
  1. Get a short length of 2.5" hose to afford the flexibility needed for the centered connector?

  2. Go Pro all the way?

(but first, check w/ sales@carbide3d.com or maybe @Luke and see if there will be a 4" version?)

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Cover shipping and I’ll print one for you.


4) Looks awesome. Need a little more experience before I’d try this out. Probably good solution for others.
5) That’s what I currently have set up - about a 10-12" extension. It’s just floppy and introduces unnecessary 90-deg bends in certain positions, like when located in the center and the 4" hose length increases a few inches with respect to when it’s located in the corners and the hose is stretched.
6) Saw this, but couldn’t really justify the $150 price point right now, especially since the 5 Pro came with sweepy v2. Definitely open to a 4" version if there are plans to make one in the future.

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Do keep in mind that the cross sectional area of a 2.5" hose is only about 62.5% so you will be limiting overall suction by using a single 2.5" hose.


I know, but without an actual 4" dust boot everyone’s options are limited, no? Not an ideal solution, but I think it should be fine for now if I don’t have another machine running/port open taking CFMs.

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There are offset adapters already out there (here is one that is 4 to 2 1/4)

Alternatively, have a riser going up and adapt above the spindle

I picked one of the acryllic tubes to make a riser from my dust deputy (still need to rig that up)



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