Sweepy Dust Boot adapter

An adapter for the Carbide3d Sweepy Dust Boot.

The adapter consists of two parts - the base which is a split collar that fits over the Sweepy port and a mating piece that is sized to accept a vacuum hose.

Parts were made from ΒΎ" Baltic Birch plywood on my Shapeoko XL.

The base is two pieces glued together with a .021” slit cut with a bandsaw to fit around the brace at the back of the port. The width of the slit is not critical so it could be larger.

To complete the adapter the mating piece is glued to the base.

To modify this design for different size of hoses change the diameter of the opening in the mating piece.

My shop vac hose required a hole diameter of 1.77" for an easy yet snug fit.

For a 2” diameter hose increase the outside diameter of the base to 2.5” and the adapter cap to 2.5” square.

If there is any interest I will share the carbide create files.


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I posted the topic before adding photos.


Yes, please do share the CC files β€” if you’re willing, please put them up on Cutrocket.com

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