Sweepy Excellence

Sweepy has really been working great for me after just a couple of minor modifications.

  • I thinned the bristles about 50%
  • Removed the stop ring that abutted the router which allows Sweepy to be moved higher on the router body.

Setting the bottom of the bristles about .125 - .250 above the end of the bit works very well. With the stop ring removed it’s easy to raise the bristles appropriately. However, one should use caution not to completely block the suction port.

I ground the stop ring off here, love the quick release!

Total plunge depth was 0.430 on this job, and there were many that were straight down with no issues in the Z travel. Note Sweepy raised on the router body:
After 4 hours of cutting, this was the total amount of material left on the machine bed:
And there was a lot of material removed, though I didn’t measure exactly, that’s about 4" of chips:


This isn’t about the Sweepy - I use the SuckIt and am very happy with it, but I do like that Tree of Life carving. Can you tell me where you got the file? Did you make it yourself?

Stan - I started a thread about the Tree of Life and owe my thanks to @Rafi for the original file:


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