Symmetrical Rounded Edges Issue

Thanks so much to the help of the community I now know how to make amazing rounded edges, however I am running into an issue. It seems that using the square/circle method has a flaw in that I can’t create a perfect half circle at the top of my rectangle, unless I am missing something.

The circle has to be so much larger than the square for the subtract boolean to work properly, thus not letting me get a “perfect” rounded top to my rectangle.

I have attached an image showing what I am trying to achieve. Huge thanks in advance :: )

Got it to work here

test.c2d (56.5 KB)

that rounded edge doesn’t stretch all the way to the mid point of the rectangle though, so if I cut with that it would leave a flat portion along the top of the rectangle.

I am trying to round the entire top and bottom of the rectangle.

In that case its simpler:

rectangle same width as circle diameter

rectangle lower than circle by its radius

both aligned

select both and union

lower than circle by its radius? not sure what you mean by that, but the rest makes sense.

The rectangle must be lower on the page than the circle by the radius of the circle (half its diameter)


cc-rounded.c2d (55.7 KB)