Tape & CA glue -vs- 2-way tape

Can someone please explain the virtue of using masking tape + CA glue + optional accelerator over just using a good 2-way tape?

I understand 2-way tape is more expensive than masking tape. But for the cost of 1 roll of 2-way tape I would have to buy 2 rolls of regular tape plus the CA glue & accelerator.

I see many posts here, and on FB groups regaling the virtue of tape + CA glue.

What am I missing?

I found removing a part using double-sided tape more difficult than using two layers of painter’s tape and glue, as well as fussier to position, and more difficult to remove/clean up.


There are uses for double-sided tape, but holding parts that you will eventually put a finish on is not a good use. The double-sided tape will leave a residue that will have to be cleaned off. Painter’s tape is designed to not leave a residue. (And I’m NOT regaling. :smiley: )

Use a roller to press the tape to your waste board and part. Apply the CA glue to ONE of them. (Don’t use the thin CA glue.) SLIDE the part into position in your fixture to thin the layer of the CA glue. THIN means strength in the joint. Quickly roll down the whole assembly. (That’s why I don’t often use an accelerator. Once you apply accelerator, you have about 5 seconds to position the part before it stops moving.)

If you Z-zero to the waste board, be sure to allow for the thickness of two layers of tape and CA glue. I add 0.010" to my Z-zero.


What’s the good two-way tape you’re thinking of for comparison?

I have been using double sided “Removable Carpet Tape” I get at the hardware store and not had any issues.

I have also used the painters’ tape and CA glue as well. I found no major issues using one over the other, unless running out of CA glue before completion a problem. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Carpet tape is easier/faster to use.

Carpet tape will gum up endmills and stock material on through cuts, blue tape and CA won’t.

Carpet tape allows for very little movement (spongy). Blue tape and CA is very rigid.

Carpet tape softens when heated slightly(like when milling aluminum), blue tape and CA doesn’t.

I’ve had carpet tape leave a discolored stripe on walnut… Blue tape removes cleanly.

  1. Agree with first comment.
  2. I try and leave onionskin at bottom to alleviate this issue, but yes this can happen.
  3. The tape I use is thin enough I have never had movement?
  4. I only work with wood so far never had this happen.
  5. I do not recall having this happen to me? Perhaps this maybe I complete the project quicker? Maybe because I sand it afterwards? Unknown mystery?

Double back tape is great. I have used it on Wood and Aluminum.

Blue painter’s tape is great, Used it on Wood and Aluminum.

It depends on what I am doing, and how long it might be on my spoil board. Both hold the part, both do not cause me issues.

Like @WillAdams said, removing double back tape seems to be a little bit more problematic. It does leave a residue, but it is the back of your part.
Try them both and choose what works for you. I think the cost is comparable. Buy my CA at the Hoby store, larger quantities…

Fair question. I’ve used several brands that weren’t quite up to snuff. (don’t remember the names, unfortunately). However, the “Duck” brand, and the “IPG” I got from the local hardware store work great. They don’t leave any residue, and they stick really well. On a 24" board I’ll use 3-4 strips, rather than covering the entire surface. They do require a bit of leverage to break the workpiece free, for sure. But to me that mean it’s sticking really well & no chance of moving while cutting.

To be fair, I haven’t tried the “blue tape & CA glue” method. It just seemed to me that was making 2-way tape out of several other ingredients when I could just buy 2-way tape.

Sincerely, thanks for the feedback. I really had no idea what the appeal was.

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I have used the Titebond Medium CA and regular painters tape with good results. I have used carpet tape a few times but on other projects that are not CNC I have had carpet fail. I have also used turners double sided tape and that was a disaster. The turners double sided tape is so strong it is very hard to get your project off t he spoil board and can cause delicate parts to break. After you get the turners tape off the spoilboard it is stuck to the project and is hard to remove.

I use a combination of cam clamps and the painters tape and super glue. The differentiator for me is the size of the project.

When I put my painters tape down which is primarily 1.5" wide strips. I match the pattern on the back of the project. Then I put an S pattern down about 1" wide on each row of tape and press my material down and hold it for a few seconds. I try to let the glue dry for a few minutes while I get other things ready. I have not had painters tape come loose. The key to not getting the super glue on the project is for the rows of tape to touch but not overlap. If you use painters tape suggest you use the regular and not the more exotic types which are delicate and etc. The regular painters tape seems to work best for me.

I have used painters tape with CA glue and the double sided tape, several brands. I found the double sided tape tends to gum up the bit when cutting through the project more than the painters tape. I really don’t like using either one but sometimes you need to choose one or the other. I usually decide which one to use on the size of the cutouts I will be doing. Blue tape covers more surface area for less of a cost than the double sided tape.


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